Unless you choose to follow in the plodding footsteps of the tortoise – tucking yourself into a shoebox for the duration of winter – you need to wrap up warm. Nope, us humans are far too busy to indulge in a luxury like hibernation, despite the Arctic blasts we’ve been exposed to recently. As such we’ve lined up a toasty-treat of a kgbdeal, which should keep you cosier than a pocket-full of kittens.

We’ve been in cahoots with Lilas Fashion to put together today’s offer, for a women’s thermal underwear set for just £14.99. This set of super-heating undies includes a Sleeveless Spencer, Long Janes and Heat Holders socks to keep the winter at bay. This trio of garments would usually set you back £35.73, which means we’re delivering a discount of 58%. Snug savings to give you that warm feeling inside!

what’s included?
Ladies Thermal Underwear Sleeveless Spencer
Ladies Thermal Long Janes
Ladies Long Heat Holders Socks

about Lilas Fashion
Lilas Fashion is an online retailer that stocks some of the world’s finest fashion brands and a tempting selection of clothing, fragrance, footwear, accessories and lingerie. Both men and women are sure to enjoy perusing their selection of designer goodies and clothing essentials, which come with great quality as well as value.

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