Summer is just around the corner and if you’re anything like the kgbdeals agents you’ll be looking for the fastest ways to get your wintery body back in to a buffed, hair-free and super-smooth state before the flip flops and sundresses return as your staple wardrobe. Say goodbye to cracked and dried skin and hello to a smooth summer thanks to today’s super-convenient kgbdeal…

We’ve teamed up with the pampering gurus at BioEnergiser to bring you an all-in-one buffer, hair-remover, massager and more for just £18.99. Want to remove pesky unwanted facial hair? Or how about getting rid of that dead skin that’s built up on your feet over the colder months? This 30-piece Pedicure and Skin Spa System will change the way you groom and save you up to 53% – now that’s what we like to call a smooth deal! See more about this handy bit of kit here>>   

about BioEnergiser
BioEnergiser offers a range of innovative products that have been carefully developed to help improve appearance, health and wellbeing. All their products have been created with the assistance of expert clinicians, meaning they offer effectiveness as well as value for money.

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