That trusty airbed can really come in handy when you have more guests than beds in the house. But between punctures and the fact they are pretty uncomfortable, don’t you think it’s high time you treated your guests to a real bed? Perhaps today’s natty kgbdeal, because we’re offering a bed that’s full of tricks…

For just £249 you can get a Duchess multi-function guest bed and mattress from LMR Home Ltd. This multi-function bed can be used either as a normal single divan bed, double divan bed or as two single divan beds. It is ideal for all those unexpected stays, and with today’s kgbdeal you’ll save up to a comfy 58% – Now, everyone can sleep soundly!

about LMR Home Ltd
LMR Home Ltd offers a fine collection of modern and contemporary furniture at competitive prices to ensure the consumer gets the best value for money.

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