They say that the early-bird catches the worm, but as all you self-respecting fashionistas know, it’s not arriving on time that counts, it’s telling the time in a stylish manner. Luckily, today’s kgbdeal provides an all-round winning formula, allowing you to keep track of the time whilst adorning your wrist with a top-notch accessory..


For just £59 you can choose from a range of prestige Guess watches worth up to £119 at Brand Arena. These gorgeous gadgets come with a saving of up to 50%, so the only question is which one will you choose?


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about Guess
Stylish, sleek and sophisticated, these watches are perfect no matter what activities you’re into. Comfortable for the active woman, cool if you’re out on the town and basically suitable for all occasions, your wrist would look silly without one!

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