To impress dinner party hosts, nearly over half of Majestic consumers take along wine they know goes well with the dish.

Combined with the statisitcs from a national survey revealed a staggering 46% of respondents choose a wine they know works well with the food their hosts are serving.

Only 29% of participants said they go for a wine they like, whilst a sneaky 6% take a wine that they have lying around the house. An unsuspecting 2% even admitted to taking a wine less expensive than they would buy for themselves!

This figure confirms that consumers are interested in food and wine matching and want to enhance their dining experience. To discover the secrets to food and wine matching for your next party, Majestic offers The Wine Course, a free two-hour introduction to wine.

The survey also revealed Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc to be the most popular grape varieies at parties this summer, winning 35% and 34% of the vote respectively.

To celebrate our great Britsih party traditions we are hosting a summer of celebrations on our Facebook page, asking YOU to share your ideas for a chance to win the ultimate Majestival hamper: British party food, drink, games and decor.

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Britain’s Got Bottle

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