£10 for ten collagen facial masks from Redstone Shopping – save up to 92% and treat your skin to some much-needed attention

With the unpredictable weather giving us major wardrobes dilemmas, our poor skin has been having issues of its own. With sun, rain and storms becoming daily occurrences, here at kgb HQ agent g thinks it’s high time our skin was given something it could rely on. Cue today’s luxury kgbdeal: which aims to leave your face feeling fabulous and ready to fight the elements, come rain or shine…

For just £10 you can brighten up your day with ten collagen facial masks from Redstone Shopping. This gorgeous skin treatment is the perfect prep for the summer and is designed to leave you feeling fresh and fantastic. Best of all, today’s deluxe kgbdeal comes with a shimmering saving of up to 92%!

about Redstone Shopping
With a wide range of products to fit all tastes and budgets, Redstone make every effort to source quality items for its customers. Whether you’re looking for the latest high-tech gadget or a fashionable piece of homeware, Redstone Shopping are on-hand to bring you the best products at the best prices.

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