£12 for £41 worth of delicious à la carte Italian food for four people at Giorgio’s Ristorante Italiano – save up to 71%

Mamma Mia may have been a number one hit with Abba and adapted into a West End hit musical, but it’s also Italian for ‘my goodness’. Often used to express sentiments of joy and disbelief, it’s no wonder agent k couldn’t stop repeating it once she’d got her chops into today’s kgbdeal.

For just £12 you and three friends can spend up to £41 on an array of food and drink from the à la carte menu at Giorgio’s Ristorante Italiano. You can choose from a selection of meat, pizza, fish and pasta dishes, including some of the old classics like spag bol and lasagne, and experience a real taste of Italia. Buon appetito!

agent k’s pick of the menu:
– Insalata di mozzarella e melone: Fresh melon, baby mozzarella and parma ham, topped with fresh basil and extra virgin oil
– Antipasto abruzzo: a selection of Italian meats and cheeses served with artichokes, olives and homemade bread
– Filleto di salmone: fresh salmon chargrilled & served with lemon & olive oil dressing
– Agnello al vino rosso: lamb shank – slowly cooked in a red wine and rosemary sauce

about Giorgio’s Ristorante Italiano
Located on Otley road, Giorgio’s Ristorante Italian delivers delicious authentic Italian cuisine with recipes straight out of Italy. Offering an array of traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine, the food is freshly prepared, made with the finest ingredients and tastes, delivering bursts of flavours that are absolutely mind-blowing!

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