£12 for a one-hour reflexology or reiki session, worth £35 at Hands on Healing – save 66% on balancing your mind and body

Everyone has those days where everything seems to go wrong, whether it’s spilling coffee down your brand new dress or running for the bus only for it move off before you make it. Luckily today’s kgbdeal is perfect for forgetting all about daily stresses, as you can save 66% on your choice of reflexology or reiki session.

For just £12 you can indulge in either a one-hour session of reflexology or reiki. These treatments are guaranteed to relax you completely, so instead of having a mid-week meltdown next time something goes wrong you’ll stay cool as a cucumber.

about Hands on Healing
Hands on Healing is passionate about holistic therapies and in particular Reflexology.   All treatments are carried out by qualified therapists and clients are able to benefit from this therapy performed on the hands or feet.

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