Heats up and cooks food much quicker than a normal oven
Cooks, bakes, heats, defrosts and even cleans itself
Powerful 1300W halogen heating element
Hot airflow system ensures all food is cooked evenly
Heat resistant glass bowl
Precise temperature control
More efficient than a conventional oven
Features adjustable temperature and timer controls
The compact Halogen Oven is an ideal addition to any kitchen, giving faster more efficient cooking that a conventional oven.

The toughened heat resistant 12 litre cooking pot is heated by a super-hot halogen element and circulated by an integrated fan, producing evenly cooked food in less time than a normal oven.

12 Litre Compact Halogen Oven for £29.99 Delivered @ Maplin (Potential £27.02 – see post #1)