£15 for a 45-minute osteopathic consultation session or a one-hour sports massage and consultation, worth up to £82.50 at Blue Eye Osteopathy – save up to 82%

Those not in the know about diagnosing and treating problems within the musculo-skeletal system may assume that an ‘osteopathic’ treatment involves mind-reading. It doesn’t. Nope, this type of complementary medicine has zero to do with Derren Brown – as you’ll see if you take us up on today’s superb kgbdeal…

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with the hands-on people at Blue Eye Osteopathy, to bring you an osteopathic treatment session for just £15. The session will include a 45-minute osteopathic consultation or a one-hour sports massage and consultation. All this would usually set you back up to £82.50, which means we’re delivering a discount of up to 82% today. Thanks to savings like that we don’t need to be psychic to tell you’re already pretty tempted…

about Blue Eye Osteopathy
Blue Eye Osteopathy and Massage offer treatments at locations near Canary Wharf. Their range of services can be ideal for those who require osteopathy or advanced soft tissue work to help with specific symptoms. However, they are also happy to offer treatments to those who simply want a professional massage from a high quality range of styles.

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