Sky Anytime+ Without sky broadband finally here

Having kept an eye out for the Anytime + from Sky to be available for non-sky broadband customers; today it is finally available to order – free. This is more information than a freebie as you are in effect paying for anytime + in your monthly sub – but as there is no additional cost I suppose it is a freebie.

Some parts of the sites still say you need Sky broadband but I just ignored it and it allowed me to order at no extra cost. It may take a couple of hours to activate on your account. I assume sky will start advertising the availability shortly so no harm in getting you order in as there may be some delay in processing if there is a large signup.

Sky Anytime+ Without sky broadband finally here

Blue Planet : Complete BBC Series (Special Edition 4 Disc Box Set) [DVD] Amazon £5.99 Free shipping “UK only”

Blue Planet : Complete BBC Series (Special Edition 4 Disc Box Set) [DVD] £5.99

A great DVD set at a great price..

It’s hard to rain too many superlatives on The Blue Planet, surely one of the finest and most fascinating nature documentaries ever made. But nonetheless, we’re going to try.
Long in the making, the idea behind the show was to, using some cutting-edge technology, film previously unseen areas of the ocean, and to investigate life beneath the waves. And in doing so, it pretty much encompasses the full spectrum of creature size. From the staggering, gigantic whale of the first episode, through the miniscule life that’s documented as the programme progresses, it’s a jaw-dropping experience.

It’s also a very, very accessible one. Thanks to a diligent, warm narrative from Sir David Attenborough, there’s plenty of fact married up to the sheer spectacle of The Blue Planet, although in many ways the stunning photography almost needs no accompaniment. It’s timeless work, too, with immense rewatch value, uncovering both life that’s never been photographed previously while charting the habits of the more familiar. Icing The Blue Planet’s cake is a series of short pieces documenting just how some of the incredible pictures were captured, and these are almost as interesting as the main feature.

Enough of those superlatives, though. Because The Blue Planet simply demands to be seen and enjoyed. Prepare, like many before you, to be mesmerised.

Blue Planet : Complete BBC Series (Special Edition 4 Disc Box Set) [DVD] Amazon £5.99 Free shipping “UK only”

£119 for a two-night stay for two, including breakfast and a welcome drink, at the Soho Hotel in Budapest worth up to £332.07 – save up to 64% on a Hungarian escape

The stunning and serpentine Danube makes its mighty way from Germany down through central and eastern Europe until it casts itself out into the Black Sea. On its way it will see many marvels but none, in the humble opinion of agent b, will match up to the breathtaking city of Budapest. So why not grab a loved one and whisk them away to see what all the fuss is about?

For just £119 you can take your ease at the comfortable Soho Hotel in Budapest. A scrumptious buffet breakfast and a complimentary glass of wine are included in this deal, which would normally set you back up to £332.07. No one will blame you if you find these savings of up to 64% too hard to resist!

about the Soho Hotel
Located in the heart of this colourful city, nestled amongst some of the metropolis’ many famous historical sites, the Soho Hotel in Budapest will meet your every need. Some of the many treasures found locally include the Danube, Váci Street, the Budapest Broadway and all the best restaurants, theatres and concert halls, easily accessed thanks to the excellent public transport system. The distinctive atmosphere of the Soho Hotel in Budapest finds a glorious harmony between style and comfort.

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Win £100 in ASDA Vouchers @ HEART RADIO

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