£23.99 for eight supersize vacuum storage bags from AMS Global Ltd – the ideal space-saving way to store seasonal bedding and clothes

Some vacuums, like the type you need for doing spring cleaning, are pretty dull. But some vacuums, like the kind you find in space-stations, are kind of exciting. Well, the kind of vacuum that comes as part of today’s kgbdeal is somewhere in between; it doesn’t involve space travel but it offers a smart and savvy storage solution that could get some folks pretty stirred up!

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with AMS Global Ltd, to bring you eight supersize vacuum storage bags for just £23.99. These tough polythene and nylon laminate bags are designed to last and can store up to four times the volume in the same space. They also feature an eye-catching Union Jack design, which can only add to our collective storage excitement!

product specifications…
– Store seasonal bedding and clothes the smart way
- Made from a tough polythene and nylon laminate, designed to resist snags and tears
- Each bag measures 70cm by 105cm
- Vacuum bag design allows you to store up to four times the volume in the same space
- Union Jack design

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