£36 for a will-writing service worth £240 at Mitchell Hodge Associates – save 85%

It may not be something that anyone relishes doing, but writing your will is an important way to secure your assets and help your family after you’ve passed on. So to make the task easier, we’re offering an 85% saving on a will-writing service, meaning you can cross this necessary task off your to-do-list.

For just £36 instead of £240 you can write a double legal will with Mitchell Hodge Associates, which will decide what will happen after you’ve passed away. You’ll save 85% and have one less thing to worry about, so you can get back to living life to the full!

about Mitchell Hodge Associates

Mitchell Hodge Associates can help you handle all your property and possessions by writing a will, which will bring security, reassurance and peace of mind, not just to yourself but those who depend on you. Consultants provide a professional, flexible and friendly service to suit each client’s needs.

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