£59 for a Distina Jabugo shoulder of ham (minimum 4kg) with specialised cutting knife and ham holder from Monte Regio (merchant’s normal selling price is £144.68) – save up to 59% on a classic Spanish delicacy

Agent k is more than a little partial to the delicious range of cured meats that come out of Europe, however the price tag that comes with these flavour sensations is never an easy mouthful to swallow. Today’s kgbdeal will set you up with a whole leg of cured ham without the sky-high price tag, allowing you to enjoy one of your favourite delicacies for weeks to come!

For just £59 you can add flair to a bunch of dishes, from salads to sandwiches, when you pick the  Distina Jabugo ham (minimum 4kg) featured in today’s kgbdeal. This delightful package, saving you up to 59%, also comes with a ham holder and specialised cutting knife, so shaving yourself off a slice of flavour heaven is as easy as pie!

about Distina Jabugo ham
This delicious Spanish delicacy is made from pure-bred free-range pigs fed on a diet of special legumes, shoots and autumn fruits. The ham is then air dried for two years to give it its distinctive texture and flavour which is beloved across Spain.

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