£9.99 for 20 pairs of fabulous SanKeShu false lashes from Vivacity Stores (merchant’s normal selling price is £29.99) – save up to 67% on 10 sets of your two favoourite designs – 10 styles to choose from!

When it comes to figures, gals’ bodies can range from the boyish Beckham to the curvy Kardashian. Most of us can’t change our body shape (without a heck of a lot of hard work or surgery) but there is one thing we can change – our lashes! Oh yes, today’s kgbdeal includes a whole spectrum of lashes from divinely delicate to seriously sultry, so which will you choose?

For today’s offer we’ve bagged you 20 pairs of fabulous SanKeShu false lashes from Vivacity Stores for just £9.99. The collection includes 10 different styles and you’ll get 10 sets of each of your two favourite designs. The whole kit and caboodle comes with a discount of up to 67%, which should be enough to make your heart flutter as well as your lashes!

about Vivacity Stores
In terms of online-based retailers in the UK, Vivacity Stores is one of the movers and shakers. If you are looking to shop online securely and without any hassle, while treating yourself to high-quality, affordable products, then Vivacity Stores should be your first choice for online shopping. Their range includes everything from laptops to shoes, so it’s well worth a browse!

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