£9 for a temperature controlled LED Colour Changing Showerhead from Funky Pig – save up to 64% and brighten up your mornings

Ah, the shower. Every morning you wake and do battle with this most tiresome of daily routines. It’s basically the most boring way to increase your water bill. So we’ve had a look into improving the whole experience for you, and thanks to agents k, g and b, we think we’ve found it!

For just £9, you can attach a LED Colour Changing Showerhead to your shower, and your water will cascade out in a range of different colours! What’s more, it’ll change colour according the temperature, and you don’t even need to put any batteries in! Amazing. Of course, you’ll also save up to 64% – totally worth it for enjoying your morning shower!

product specifications…
– No battery needed, water flow is enough for LED to activate
– If the temperature is below 32 degrees the colour is green
– If the temperature is between 32-40 degrees the colour is blue
– If the temperature is between 40-45 degrees the colour is pink
- If the temperature is over 45 degrees the colour is red

about Funky Pig
funky-pig.com is new divisional venture looking to bring you the very best funky products from all over the globe at truely unbeatable prices. Their brief from the very start is simple – better products at better prices.

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