£19 for a single oven clean

In a parallel universe, your home would always be pristine, sparkling and in order. Reality is not quite as neat- dirty socks on the floor, dishes piled up in the sink from a week ago, oh and there's that bracelet you've been looking for hidden snuggly underneath a pile of clothes. Make dreams a reality with this offer from Homepride Cleaners with 2-hours of professional cleaning for up to up a 3-bedroom property.

With each session, Homepride Cleaners will send highly professional cleaners to your home to clean it up. Dedicated to providing you a customised clean focused on your home's needs, Homepride Cleaners will leave your home sparking clean when they are through with it! Prompt and friendly, the staff are dedicated to providing you unparallel service backed by pristine cleaning!

It's like looking down at a battlefield. The scattered gnocchi soldiers, lying in crimson pools of their own bolognaise sauce. The charred bits of broccoli hanging from the frame. The splash-marks of gravy and the pepperoni that's become stuck to the floor of the roasting tray. Yeah, your oven looks pretty much exactly like the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan, only with more lumps of burnt cheese.

Give your kitchen a good old-fashioned clear-up, call in Home Pride Cleaners today and they'll send in one of their scrubbing-and-shining experts to give you a professional clean on a single oven. And it'll cost you just £19. You'll beam at the sight of your bright, glittering cooker – it might even stay that way for a week or two, as well.