£17 for a wash, treatment, cut and blow-dry at Lilly Nail and Beauty – give your hair the works at this stupendous city centre salon!

Anything’s possible, after all. For all you know, you could wake up tomorrow morning to discover that you’ve been crowned Queen Of Absolutely Everything. Just imagine that. First the courtiers will knock respectfully on your door to hand over your sceptre and lead you down to the carriage. Then it’s off to the Palace That’s Made From Diamonds And Also Chocolate (waving at your cheering subjects en route) where the crown will be placed upon your head.

Which means you’d better make sure your hair is looking pretty darn fabulous in time for the coronation, doesn’t it? Hence today’s kgbdeal, entitling you to a very regal wash, treatment, cut, and blow-dry from the marvellous stylists at Lilly Nail and Beauty, in the very heart of Manchester. The price? Just £17. Enjoy…Your Majesty.

about Lily Nail & Beauty
Lily Nail & Beauty is a successful salon located in the heart of central Manchester. They offer a range of nail and beauty treatments, carried out by a team of highly qualified technicians. Winner of the 2008 CEA Customer Excellence Award, you’ll find the highest service standards and tailored treatments here, hand-picked to make you feel and look at your best.

£12 for one podiatry treatment at Greater Manchester Foot Care, worth £30 – save 60% on feet treats!

Happy Feet may have been a film about an Emperor penguin who couldn’t sing like the other penguins, but could tap-dance like a champion, but we think it works both ways. Think about it, if your feet aren’t happy, they will probably give you something to sing about…

Keep your feet in tip-top condition with one podiatry treatment from Greater Manchester Foot Care, for just £12. Choose from a wide range of foot-care specialities and save 60% on keeping your paws perfect!

about Greater Manchester Foot Care…
Do you need help with ingrowing nails, corn removal or a frustrating verruca? If so, look no further than Greater Manchester Foot Care. With modern and state of the art equipment, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be receiving the very best podiatry and chiropody service.

£16 for a spray tan, eyelash extensions and a Gelac pedicure, worth £63 at Tan N Tonic – save 75% and get a gorgeous summer glow!

I know we’ve all been brought up to believe that telling lies is a terrible thing, but today we’re going to flip that on the head and say, sometimes it’s totally acceptable. If you weren’t blessed with a natural tan all year round, long luscious lashes or glossy nails, don’t despair! This fabulous spring beauty package will give you all of the above and it’s up to you whether you tell people you’re au naturel when they compliment you!  

Today, for just £16, you can enjoy the benefits of a spray tan, eyelash extensions and a Gelac pedicure from the team at Tan N Tonic. Worth £63 this brilliant beauty package should leave you looking great and feeling even better – especially with a saving of 75%!

about Tan N Tonic
With nail extensions, waxing, spray tans and facials just some of the services available, you really can be pampered from top to toe at Tan N Tonic. The professional and friendly team also ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you enter the door.

£49 for three sessions of tattoo reduction, worth £240 at Sparkle Beauty – save 80% on tackling unwanted ink!

The best thing about personal style is that it evolves. Maybe you spent your youth rebelling a little with heavy black eyeliner and green hair. Perhaps you spent your 20s rocking an alternative look wearing clothes you’d scoured for at the local charity shop and who knows what you’ll be into in 10 years time! If your style has changed and your tattoo no longer fits in with your look, it’s not the end of the world because agent g has found a way to help you reduce your no-longer-loved ink!

For just £49, you’ll receive three sessions of tattoo reduction on a 4″x 4″ tattoo from the amazing team at at Sparkle Beauty. Normally this course of treatment would cost £240 but today you can save 80% on a fresh new start, and a lesson well learnt!

about Sparkle Beauty
Sparkle Beauty has been helping people to look their best since 2008. The professional team offer a full service of teeth whitening and beauty treatments. Whatever you pick, they will ensure that you feel completely comfortable.