£89 for a Juvederm dermal filler for lips, nose to mouth lines or cheeks at Peppermint Studios Dental & Cosmetic Centre – get yourself a confidence boost!

Super rich ‘IT’ girl, Tamara Ecclestone has been papped swanning around on the balcony of a super-yacht striking some super poses. While we won’t be rushing to emulate her unnatural holiday posed pics we’d sure love some of Tamara’s confidence! So why not take a leaf from the socialites’s book and get this boldness-boosting kgbdeal!

For just £89, you’ll receive a Juvederm dermal filler to be used on nose to mouth lines, cheeks or to plump lips at Peppermint Studios. With a consultation prior to your treatment you can rediscover the power to work your inner socialite with this gorgeous, confidence-boosting treatment!

about Peppermint Stuios Dental & Cosmetic Centre
located on Bath Street, in the heart of Glasgow city centre, is this extremely well appointed and modern practice has been established on this site for over 100 years. Peppermint Studio’s team provide an extremely professional service in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry and beauty treatments including dental implants, veneers, crowns , teeth whitening and fillers.

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