£849 for Inman Aligner teeth straightening, worth £2,500 at Unique Dental & Facial Clinic – save 66%

Noel Gallagher, Cheryl Cole and Tom Cruise are just three of the hordes of celebs who boast some pretty dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. What’s the difference? Their gnashers. Search online and you’ll see what we mean… The question is, once you’ve taken advantage of today’s kgbdeal – what will your ‘after’ shot look like?

Today we’ve teamed up with the dental gurus at Unique Dental & Facial Clinic, to offer you Inman Aligner teeth straightening for just £849. This advanced treatment normally costs £2,500 – that’s a saving of 66%! Just think of the boost to your confidence your enhanced smile will give you – it certainly did the business for our Cheryl!

treatment specifications…
- Patented Inman Aligner gently guides your front teeth to an ideal position
- Quick and effective – can take just a few weeks
- This gentle process is provided by the spring action of the appliance
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about Unique Dental & Facial Clinic
Unique Dental & Facial Clinic is located on Finchley Road, opposite Finchley and Frognal overground stations. Their expertise covers all aspects of family dental care including implants, Invisalign aligners, Inman aligners and root canal treatment, and they pride themselves on patient care and attention to detail.

£15 for a full dental check up with a scale and polish, worth £130 at The Care Dental Practice in Hammersmith – save 88%

While we’ll happily find the time for an MOT or a boiler service, when it comes to giving our teeth a check up we always seem to find a way to duck the extra expense! With today’s kgbdeal however, you’ll be able to ensure your teeth are in tip top condition with a full dental check up!

For just £15, you’ll receive a full dental check up from one of the friendly practitioners at The Care Dental Practice. Normally worth up to £130, you’ll also receive a scale and polish, so you can enjoy wondrously healthy gnashers for 88% less with this amazing offer.

about The Care Dental Practice
The Care Dental Practice offer cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatments in the heart of Hammersmith. The Care Dental Practice have built up a fantastic reputation and together with all their experience do everything they can to ensure you achieve the results you desire. The Care Dental Practice is the first dental practice in the UK to offer The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique, developed by Dr Bashar Al-Naher.

£995 for a dental implant with a consultation, porcelain crown, hygiene treatment, polish and more at Think Teeth in Bloomsbury – perfect your smile

It’s good practice to have a basic stock of truisms ready for use in potentially awkward conversations. Ambiguous ones like “the severity of the itch is proportional to the reach” or “the apple never falls far from the tree” are useful for when a colleague decides to explain the minutae of their angling hobby. And for all dentistry-related discussions, we recommend the old classic, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, or a close version.

A fantastic set of dentals is the easiest way to make a lasting impression, and today you can perfect yours with an exclusive appointment at Think Teeth. For just £995, you can get a life-changing makeover with a dental implant and porcelain crown, plus a consultation, post-treatment check up and more. So, go dazzle with your new smile!

your smile: the plan…
– Consultation
– Dental Implant
- Abutment
– Panoramic X-ray/Ortho-Pantograph X-Ray
– Healing screw
– Porcelain crown fused to metal
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about Think Teeth
This Bloomsbury studio offers a fresh approach to dental care, with the commitment of leading surgeons. Their aim is to ensure high quality dentistry for all clients by providing excellent care with the latest techniques and procedures.

£1,699 for a full set of Invisalign clear braces and retainers for top and bottom arches at 77 Harley Street Dental Practice – enjoy discrete teeth straightening

Who wouldn’t want a beautifully straight set of pearly whites? Getting a dazzling smile used to involve lugging around a mouthful of metal for months and enduring bad jokes about train tracks… Fortunately times have moved on and all you need for a confidence boosting grin is today’s kgbdeal and the dedicated dentists at 77 Harley Street Dental Practice!

For just £1,699 you can have a full set of Invisalign clear braces and retainers for top and bottom arches at 77 Harley Street Dental Practice. Using a clear brace aligner, teeth can be gently straightened into a more natural position without the appearance of a traditional brace. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, this treatment is a fantastic way to put a smile back on your face!

about 77 Harley Street Dental Practice
At 77 Harley Street Dental Practice, artistry meets science to provide a unique blend of some of the best dental procedures available. The team at 77 Harley Street Dental Practice are committed to providing the ultimate standard of quality service in restoring and maintaining your dental health in an atmosphere of professionalism and clinical confidence.

£19 for a composite filling and decay removal for one tooth with a consultation at Drury Lane Dental in Covent Garden

Our dear agent g is a good and conscientious girl when it comes to dental hygiene, but even she finds it hard to resist when tantalisingly sweet treats wander across her path. Have you found yourself overindulging in some glucose-goodness of late? Never fear, we’ve put together the perfect deal for you…

For just £19 you’ll receive a composite filling and decay removal for one tooth from Drury Lane Dental. Additionally you’ll receive a full consultation. With this treatment you can enjoy the confidence-boosting benefits of a pristine smile for less with today’s radiant kgbdeal!

about Drury Lane Dental
Drury Lane Dental provides a range of cosmetic dental treatments to help you reinvigorate your beautiful smile, or achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Why don’t you just come in, meet their team, have a chat and see how they can help?