Enjoy an indulgent pampering session with a choice of massage and luxury manicure at Ultrasonic Angel – choose between a hot stone, aromatherapy and Swedish for just £19

Do you ever feel like you have a guardian angel? A kind of shimmering presence standing over your shoulder, watching over you, steering you in all the right directions, whispering helpful advice and words of support? Oh, no – hang on, it’s only agent g, in a bedsheet, with paper-mache wings, babbling on and on about this delightfully divine kgbdeal. Sorry about that. She’s drunk a lot of coffee.

Treat yourselves to this hefty pamper package, pilgrims – a choice of soothing massage and a luxury manicure with cuticle work, filing, polish, buff and clear varnish to finish. Choose between a hot stone, aromatherapy or Swedish back and shoulder massage.  The bill? A mere £19. Just remember to wing it while you can – this awesome kgbdeal won’t stick around for all eternity.

about Ultrasonic Angel
Just five minutes from Heaton Chapel train station in Stockport, you’ll find experienced beauty therapists working hard to tend to your every need in a relaxing and comfortable setting, home to Ultrasonic Angel. Specialising in laser lipo, the staff also offer a range of beauty treatments, including massages, facials and waxing, which will leave you feeling as good as new.

Indulge with a luxurious pamper package at Exquisite Beauty, including a facial, manicure and pedicure, for just £16 – save 73%!

It’s often said that beauty comes from within – that it lies in the eye of the beholder. Which is all well and good, but it doesn’t explain why everyone kept forming angry mobs to try and murder Frankenstein’s monster, who actually looked sort of dashing aside from the bolts in his neck.

Put a little electricity back into your body confidence, kgbdeals fans – pick up a luxuriant pamper package from Exquisite Beauty, including a facial, manicure and pedicure. You’ll pay just £16, 73% off the usual price!

Get glamorous with a full-body Suntana rapid spray tan and a Shellac manicure for just £15 with Partick U Lar Cutz – save 73% on a fabulous new look!

We don’t know about you but we’re struggling to remember what a warm, sunny day feels like at the moment. Plummeting temperatures and biblical rain have left us chilly, wet and really very pasty. And with the sun not putting his hat on any time soon, we need to take matters into our hands.

Give yourself a glamorous makeover with a spray tan and manicure package from the sunny beauty experts at Partick U Lar Cutz. This glowing bundle includes a Suntana rapid spray tan, using coconut, vanilla and strawberry fragrances, along with a Shellac manicure to complete your tan-tastic new look. The price? Just £15!

about Partick U Lar Cutz
This chic salon prides itself on making every customer feel comfortable. They offer a long list of hair and beauty treatments, however if you don’t see the service you require simply pop in for a quick chat. The friendly and experienced team will go out of their way to meet your requirements.

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