Nokia Lumia 925 – Coming Soon.

We’re very pleased to announce that we will soon be ranging the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia’s latest offering in the Lumia series.

It’s slimmer and more stylish than the Lumia 920, but there’s more to it than that. Nokia’s innovative PureView camera is back, but with vast improvements. There’s an additional focus lens, taking the total to 6, meaning the Carl Zeiss optics take in five times more light than other smartphones. What this means in laymans terms is that you still get amazing photos in low-light and even with the flash off! In addition the image stabilisation for video has been significantly improved.

Nokia Smart Cam will take 10 images at 4 frames a second, meaning you can enhance your pictures as soon as you’ve taken them and really get creative by adding animation or swapping faces around, if you feel so inclined ;-) The options to then share your photos are plentiful; upload to Facebook, email or even share them via NFC.

HERE maps with Livesight comes pre-installed, it’s a really fun way to find out about the things around you like restaurants and shops etc. through the camera’s viewfinder. So it’s pretty nifty to boot. The Lumia 925 is Ultrafast enabled and that’s when features like this can really come to life. With Ultrafast and All You Can Eat data you can really make the most of this impressive phone.

Of course we have to mention wireless charging too, really one of the key features of the Lumia 925.

There’s a 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor thrown in to the mix as well.

Nokia Lumia 925 – Coming Soon.

Nokia Lumia 925 – Pre-order.

The beautiful and innovative Nokia Lumia 925 is now available for pre-order on our Ultrafast network. To celebrate this and the fact that with every pre-order you get a free wireless charger set worth £95, we’re holding another competition, you lucky people!

The Nokia Lumia 925 is Nokia’s latest flagship phone, and it’s really packed full of amazing features, which really come in to their own if you’ve got all-you-can-eat data. Nokia tell us it’s; ‘more than your eyes can see’ and we can see why. The 8.7MP PureView camera is fantastic, allowing you to capture stunning images and record Full HD video, even when the lights are low. It’s full of integrated features, so you can’t fail to get the perfect picture.

It’s Superman’s phone of choice so who are we to argue! If you don’t believe us watch Man of Steel and keep an eye out for the big man’s smartphone.

With this in mind we’ve come up with a little competition for you. If you fancy getting your hands on one of these bad boys, all you have to do is head over to @ThreeUK on Twitter at 11am and look out for our tweet. We’ll post an image that may or may not have been the subject of some naughty trickery (Photoshop!), tell us whether you think it was ‘real’ or ‘fake’ and you could be in with a chance of winning a Nokia Lumia 925 with limited edition Man of Steel wireless charger set OR tickets to the Man Of Steel premier in London’s Leicester Square on 12th June 2013.  Yep, you read that right! You’ll have an hour to make your decision and tweet an entry using #LumiaOnThree.

Then there’ll be a further two chances to win at 1pm and 3pm with some new images for you to scrutinise. Winners will be announced after each competition.

So, be ready and beady eyed at 11am on Friday the 7th of June people. Good luck!

For all the important stuff, check out the Ts&Cs here.

Nokia Lumia 925 – Pre-order.

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Coming Soon.

Remember when you got excited at the prospect of a 3MP camera on a phone? How times have changed. Today Nokia announced the brand new addition to their Lumia family, the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its amazing 41MP, yep 41, camera.

We’re very pleased to be able to let you know that this impressive phone will available on our Ultrafast network from launch.

Nokia are really going for it in terms of the cameras on their Lumia range of phones and the 1020 takes this even further. In addition to the 41MP, the super high resolution means you can zoom up to six times without losing quality. I know I’ve hankered after a decent zoom on a camera for a long time so this is certainly an interesting development. But more than this, you can now manually adjust focus, shutter speed and white balance to create beautiful photos exactly as you want them. Then edit on the go and share your best shots there and then. Don’t worry though, the Auto mode is still there, until you’re ready to turn Pro ;-) One way or another there’ll certainly be no stopping you if you’ve got all-you-can-eat data!

Nokia say the video camera will ‘Bring you back to the moment’. Using Nokia Rich Recording you’re able to capture video distortion-free stereo sound. Couple this with sharp HD video and you really can re-live the moment.

The Lumia 1020 is powered by Windows Phone 8 and comes with Microsoft Office as well as unique Lumia features like Nokia Music and HERE Drive which is free voice-guided navigation.

With a Clearblack Gorila Glass 3 Puremotion HD+, Supersensitive Amoled screen that’s great in bright sunlight, and with wireless charging available to boot, the Lumia 1020 certainly seems like it’s going to be something to shout about.

If you want to see it up close, check out our sneak peak :-)

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Coming Soon.

Nokia Lumia 920 – Coming Soon.

We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for news of whether we’ll be bringing you the Nokia Lumia 920, and it’s easy to see why. So we hope you’ll be thrilled to hear that we can confirm this rather marvellous, DC HSDPA enabled smartphone will soon be available with Three. Compatible with our Ultrafast network and packed full of features, it’s a phone to be reckoned with.

In fact there are so many exciting features tucked away in this sleek phone that it’s hard to know where to start! Along with the Windows Phone 8 operating system, come many exclusive and innovative Nokia apps such as Nokia Transport, Citylens and Cinemagraph.

But one of the key features of the Lumia 920 is the impressive 8.7MP camera. It also comes with PureView which is camera technology that manages to capture blur-free images even in low light with its Optical Image Stabilizer. Not to mention the Carl Zeiss lens that ensures your photos are always crisp and clear. If photography is your thing, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Lumia 920.

Taking that even further is one of those exclusive Nokia apps –  Cinemagraph, which lets you animate the still images you’ve taken – great fun for sharing with your friends! Citylens is another exclusive and nifty app for the camera side of things. An augmented reality app, it brings you information about the things around you, such as where to eat, shop etc., by super imposing them on the screen while you’re using the app to view through the camera lens. Neat.

With Nokia Transport showing you all your nearest transport options as well as real time updates, all of your most useful information is at your fingertips wherever you are with the Lumia 920.

If you’re a music lover then you’re not forgotten with the Lumia 920 either, with access to Nokia Music you can stream songs over the internet or with a generous 32GB of internal memory there’s loads of room to store music on your phone (not to mention further memory from Skydrive)

The ability to charge wirelessly and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor are the icing on the cake for this exciting phone.

If you can’t wait for launch, whet your appetite with our little sneak peek…

Nokia Lumia 920 – Coming Soon.

£29.99 for a red Nokia Asha 300 with any SIM only plan with Three from Incahoot – a fabulous unlocked mobile that delivers a speedy 3G internet connection and an easy-to-use touchscreen

Remember the olden days when you used a phone to have conversations with people who weren’t in the same room as you? Well fellow old-timer, things have changed and a phone is now about far more than just chatting. Take the marvellous Nokia Asha 300 for example. It comes crammed with so many sleek features that it would be offended if you used it simply to make hum-drum phone calls!

That’s right, so we’ve lined up a Nokia Asha 300 as part of today’s kgbdeal. It can be yours for just £29.99, when you sign up to any SIM only plan (starting from £6.90 per month) with Three from Incahoot. This must-have mobile comes unlocked and delivers a speedy 3G internet connection and an easy-to use touchscreen. Eat your heart out Alexander Graham Bell!

about the Nokia Asha 300
- This option is for a red Nokia Asha 300
- Custom home screens make it easy to personalise
- 3G connectivity
- Five megapixel camera
- 2.4 inch display
- Up to 4.3 hours of talk time
- Up to 597 hours of standby time
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about Incahoot
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