SAMSUNG Series 6 UE46EH6030 Full HD 46″ Internet LED 3D TV with 2 pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses £566.10 Delivered @ PC World

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A rated,Full HD,3D,2 free pairs of 3d glasses.good reviews with internet capabilities

The Samsung Series 6 UE46EH6030 Full HD 46″ LED 3D TV takes you to a new dimension in home visual entertainment, sit back and get warped into the world of high definition 3D!

3D entertainment

Immerse yourself in the quality of high definition and 3D pictures. View even more and step into the 3D experience. The LED backlit television takes your home viewing to a new level, the active 3D technology furthers your viewing pleasure and the full HD picture ensures a beautifully sharp image.

With 2D to 3D conversion you can view 2D content in a new light, be part of the experience and view it in 3D!

A Freeview HD tuner gives you access to a variety of free channels including a number of HD channels so you can get started on your high definition viewing. An electronic programme guide makes it easy for you to plan your viewing over 8 days.

Connected experience

You can get more from the UE-46EH6030 TV by connecting to the internet via the Ethernet port or Wi-Fi dongle. You can explore more content and get interactive through the 46” television.

The LED 3D TV comes with 2 pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses to get you straight into the incredible world of 3D for immersive viewing.

The 2 HDMI ports allow you to link other HD devices such as a games console or a Blu-ray player. Watch you movies in cinematic quality and play games with lifelike graphics!

You can even watch your own content on the HDTV via the USB port.

With 3D HyperReal Engine and SRS TheaterSound HD picture and sound enhancing technology, the Samsung Series 6 UE46EH6030 Full HD 46″ LED 3D TV really delivers a truly entertaining performanc

SAMSUNG Series 6 UE46EH6030 Full HD 46″ Internet LED 3D TV with 2 pairs of Bluetooth 3D glasses £566.10 Delivered @ PC World

ARCHOS ARNOVA 7 (ICS) G3 Tablet PC – 4GB for £79.00 @ PC World

Can be rooted and google play market installed with SD slot to upgrade memory for cheap

The Archos ARNOVA 7 G3 4GB Tablet gives you the flexibility you need to keep up-to-date whether at home or on the move thanks to its slimline design and power packed features.

Easy access

Perfect for those with hectic lives, the 7” Archos ARNOVA 7 G3 4GB Tablet is small and lightweight enough to slip into your pocket or bag, for you to take it wherever you go.

With built in WiFi, you have full web browsing capability, so you can check emails and search the internet whilst out and about. The Archos ARNOVA 7G3 4GB Tablet is a highly portable internet device with intuitive features that are easy to use.

Marvellous memory

For such a small device, it has a fantastic 4 GB hard drive, allowing you to save hundreds of photos, music tracks, and even movies.

Performance will not let you down as the ARNOVA 7d G3 has the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and a 1GHz processor for smooth operation.

Ideal for keeping children entertained on long journeys, take the Archos ARNOVA 7 G3 Tablet along and they can watch films and play games all in full HD (1080) playback. With access to hundreds of apps and games to download via AppsLib, you will always have something to keep you occupied.

Not just for your mobile life

The Archos ARNOVA 7G3 4GB Tablet is perfect for travelling with, but it’s also a great gadget for your home too. Set it up in your kitchen to listen to music or your favourite radio show while you cook.
Can be rooted and install Google play on it

If you are looking for a high performing ultra portable internet device, choose the Archos ARNOVA 7G3 4GB Tablet and you can start enjoying the many things it has to offer.

ARCHOS ARNOVA 7 (ICS) G3 Tablet PC – 4GB for £79.00 @ PC World

POGOPLUG V4A104 Mobile Personal Cloud Storage Device £14.97 @ PC World

Down from £59.99 probably only a few.

Now you can stream photos, videos and music to and from your mobile devices over the internet with Pogoplug’s new V4A104 Mobile Personal Cloud Storage Device!

Your own personal cloud

Pogoplug Mobile’s little black box gives you the security of your own storage area at home with cloud-like freedom of access from the internet to your content. This compact storage box sits on your home network and allows you to stream the content you’ve stored on SD cards or a USB hard drive to and from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet with a simple downloadable mobile app.

POGOPLUG V4A104 Mobile Personal Cloud Storage Device £14.97 @ PC World

LOGITECH K360 Wireless Keyboard – Flowers £9.99 with code @ PC World

9.7 / 10 reviews – use code COMPA20

The flowery Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard teems with functions and usability. Its sleek, minimalist design is complimented by its conscientious energy efficiency.

Effortless design

The K360 is incredibly convenient to use. Thanks to the innovative Logitech Unifying Receiver, installation is made simple and it stays on your computer in case of further device set-up. Plug-and-Play Simplicity allows you to plug the receiver into a USB port and start using it straight away.

Superior wireless technology

Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless allows you a wireless connection unmarred by delays and dropouts, whilst optimising your battery power. Due to its ability to transmit data in two directions, your keyboard can deactivate itself when your computer is dormant, further conserving power. Should wireless interference occur, your keyboard will switch channels to adopt a more secure connection.

Marvellous multimedia

Six hot keys allow you efficient access to your multimedia settings, allowing you to pause, play and shuffle playlists at the touch of a button. Twelve programmable F-keys ensure that your device is fully customisable, enabling you to add your own shortcuts to your favourite applications.

Sleek style

The external design of the Logitech K360 is around 20% smaller than other keyboards allowing you to benefit from its sleek, space saving aesthetics.

Whisper quiet keys minimise noise from clacking keystrokes, whilst sturdy, adjustable legs extends the angle of tilt by eight degrees, ensuring that your comfort is never an afterthought.

Long life

The keyboard benefits from Logitech technology that extends its battery life to three years.

With a vast array of features and an emphasis on convenience, the Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard is the ideal choice for any computer user

LOGITECH K360 Wireless Keyboard – Flowers £9.99 with code @ PC World

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