Playstation Vita (WiFi Only) (Preowned) £75.00 @ GAME

Found by Bure11

Comes with 12 months warranty. Get a home console experience wherever you go as the Vita delivers glorious visuals thanks to it 5” OLED screen and brilliant controls with dual sticks, touchscreen, rear touch pad and standard console face buttons. Play some of the biggest names in gaming on the Vita including Need for Speed, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, FIFA, Street Fighter, Assassin’s Creed and Batman. Play online with friends and set up a Party Chat so if one of you decides to play something else you keep the talk going! Don't just play your games; become immersed in them with the Augmented Reality capabilities of the Vita. With PlayStation Plus, you’ll get exclusive offers, discounts and free games every month.

Playstation Vita (WiFi Only) (Preowned) £75.00 @ GAME

£9 for 2 hours of soft play for 2 kids, including meals & ice cream

It’s a great feeling taking your kids out for the day, but all too often a simple family outing can end up costing a small fortune, and then you’re the bad guy for saying no to fun things. We hate saying no to fun things, just because they’re pricey. So, in the name of bringing you great times with your kids we’ve managed to wangle you an amazing family day out at Jurassic Jungle!

Snap up this deal and your kids will have you crowned super parent in no time, as they enjoy two hours of soft play for just £9. Not only will you get entrance for two children and two adults, your mini T-Rexes will dine on kids’ meals with ice cream for afters. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Jurassic Jungle offers a fun packed unique experience for both adult’s and children. The dinosaur themed play areas’ are the perfect setting for hour’s of play, whilst the adult’s can relax and enjoy tea, coffee or other refreshment’s in the cafe. With a separate play area for the under 3’s and a giant soft play frame for children aged 3 – 12 year’s old, this will be one family outing that will keep them entertained and your wallet happy!

Soft Play and High Ropes

Soft Play and High Ropes For Four from £6 at Mister Twister’s (Up to 76% Off)

Aff Groupon Newcastle

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) £22.49 @Playstation Network

Looking on the store waiting for FEZ and i stumbled on this. Had to do a few double takes if I’m going to be honest but it works both online and via the ps store :D Hopefully others think this is a good deal too :) Edit: If you can’t find the price via your Ps4 Store. Search for the game specifically and this price should be shown :) Edit 2 : Link should now send directly to the correct page with with the deal price :)

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4) £22.49 @Playstation Network