£16 for a massage of your choice: Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Sports

Sitting at a desk all day, rushing around town, gardening – even shopping – it can all take its toll on your body. At the end of a busy week, it’s no surprise that you’re left feeling tense and aching all over, and sometimes that hot bath just doesn’t suffice! What you need is a long, intense, relaxing massage…

For only £16, you can treat yourself to a full body massage at RTS Massage. Pick from a choice of either Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Sports massage and take in the pure bliss as your muscles are massaged and relieved. Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury or long week, get this pamper bargain and relaaaaaax.

about Sports RTS Massage

RTS (Remedial Therapy of Sheffield) has been established with the goal of helping customers’ with their soft tissue complaints and allowing people to live pain-free active lifestyles!