£14 for a digital heart rate sports watch from Xone1.com worth up to £35 – save up to 60% on the ultimate gadget for keeping track of your heart rate, calories burned, lap times, your calendar and the time in a choice of six colours

Now Valentine’s Day has been and gone for another year, your heart rate may have returned to normal. The post man is unlikely to bring you anything more exciting than a gas bill now – and you’ve probably got another 12 months before you’ll be swept off your feet again. But here at kgbdeals we’ve put something together your poor neglected heart will love – and it doesn’t involve chocolates or soppy teddy bears.

Nope, for today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with the gadget-fiends at Xone1.com, to bring you a digital heart rate sports watch for £14. This is the ultimate gadget for keeping track of your pulse, calories burned, lap times, your calendar and the time and comes in a choice of six different colours. This clever little timepiece would usually set you back up to £35, which means we’re delivering a discount of up to 60% today. With savings like that your heart is probably racing already…

the sports watch features…
- Time and calendar
- Daily alarm and hourly chime
- Chronograph (stopwatch) with split lap time
- Exercise counter with automatic and manual override calorie counter
- External pulse mode for determining the heart rate at any time
- Battery Type: Button cell CR2032 x 1pc
- Comes in silver and gold, silver, black, red, orange and blue
You can take a closer look at the watch here>>

about Xone1.com
Xone1.com (pronounced “zone one dot com”) is the place to shop for fun and funky gadgets, watches and more. They have scoured the globe to find the must-have gadgets of the moment, the essential gizmos of the near future and those nostalgic bits and pieces that you’ll want in your life to remind you of how good life used to be!

£16 for a choice of three one-hour massages worth up to £60 at The Therapy Company – save up to 73% on a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage

When it comes to relaxing, we think the next best thing to a good night’s sleep is a a day at the spa. Now, deciding what kind of pampering you want can be a challenge, and we’re not going to lie, today’s choice of three luxury treatments won’t help with that at all. Looks like you’re just going to have to do a lot of “ummmmm” before the “mmmmmm”.

For just £16, you can indulge in a relaxing one-hour massage at The Therapy Co. Choose between a classic Swedish massage, a heavenly stress-relieving deep tissue or healing sports maintenance massage and save up to 73%.

about The Therapy Co
Trained in holistic massage and well-being treatments The Therapy Co treatments target the mind as well as the body. Owned and operated by holistic therapist Drew Gibbons, his passion in sharing the benefits of natural healing is resonant in the passion of all of his employees.

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