Microsoft Office Master Online Training Bundle

They say you learn a new thing each day. Expand your technological skill set with this deal from Learning247, and for £29 receive a Microsoft Office master online training bundle. Course details • 19 courses to choose from • More than 130 hours of training • Step-by-step video tutorial courses • 12-month online on-demand access Courses included • MS Office 2013 • MS Office 2010 • MS Office 2007 • Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 • Bonus course Need to know • Available for most mobile devices and any desktop Looking to give something special? Discover hundreds of thoughtful, unique presents for everyone on your list — visit our Gift Shop! You can earn Tesco Clubcard points with your eligible LivingSocial purchases! Find out more.

Three Bodyshape Training Sessions

Is slipping into your dream dress playing on your mind, with spring upon us? It looks like a visit to ‘Evolve Inch Loss’ could be due, especially when these fantastic deals are ready and waiting for you. For £19 (a £45 value) receive three 30-minute Bodyshape training sessions. • Choose the Vacu Activ treadmill or bike, which use a combination of technologies such as infrared, vacuum, and chromotherapy to give a more intense dimension to a regular workout. • Attentive therapists will make you feel at ease and answer any questions you have — please note, results of the treatment vary between individuals. • Visit the welcoming salon on Mere Green Road. Want more? Check out Evolve Inch Loss on Facebook and Twitter. Looking to give something special? Discover hundreds of thoughtful, unique presents for everyone on your list — visit our Gift Shop! You can earn Tesco Clubcard points with your eligible LivingSocial purchases! Find out more.

(Nintendo DS) More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima’s How Old Is Your Brain (Used – Very Good) – 98p Delivered – (More In Post)

More Brain Training: Dr. Kawashima’s How Old Is Your Brain? features fun new training exercises including Correct Change which challenges you on an everyday day task- to work out the right amount of money to hand back after a transaction as quickly as possible, Missing Symbols, a twist on the classic "20 calculations" test, and Masterpiece Recital which invites you to follow a music sheet shown on one screen and touch the corresponding piano keys on the touch screen. As your daily training continues, additional new exercises are unlocked. The DS Brain Age Checks take on a new form in this title as you’re tested on three randomly selected exercises including old school classic Rock, Paper, Scissors which asks you to name the position to either win or lose against the object shown, Memorising 5×5 which sees you remembering the position of numbers on screen and Speedy Symbols which challenges your memory of symbols associated with specific numbers. With More Brain Training you can also play with your family and friends. Using a single game card, two to sixteen players can participate in four different exercises together. Three to sixteen players can also compete in a picture quiz to test each others artistic skills, where players score the other drawings to find a winner.

(Nintendo DS) More Brain Training: Dr Kawashima’s How Old Is Your Brain (Used – Very Good) – 98p Delivered – (More In Post)

Ultrasport Cycle Training Machine Blue ( Turbo Trainer ) £37.76 @ Amazon

Ultrasport Cycle Training Machine Blue ( Turbo Trainer ) £37.76 @ Amazon No clue if any good – price is pretty good delivered though. Looks exactly the same as my Tacx one that cost 3 X the price! You might like to Amazon to give 5% of the purchase price to a charity such as the RNLI – I always forget – others available – Doesn’t cost you anything… Wish "they" would go after EBAY a bit more with non existent customer service – but don’t want to get too political on ya!! PRICE UPDATE: dropped to £32.10 now

Ultrasport Cycle Training Machine Blue ( Turbo Trainer ) £37.76 @ Amazon

£19 for a Microsoft® Excel Master Package course from Blue Mountain Training Solutions – enjoy 89 hours of learning at your fingertips!

Back in prehistoric times you were considered a buffoon if you couldn’t light a fire. In Victorian times you were deemed to be an imbecile if you couldn’t ride a Penny Farthing. And now it’s 2012 you really ought to be able to operate a computer if you want to be taken seriously. Cue today’s kgbdeal!

For today’s offer we’ve teamed up with the techie types at Blue Mountain Training Solutions, to bring you a Microsoft® Excel Master Package for just £19! Covering a multitude of basic practices and fancy tricks for your spreadsheet creations, it’s sure to make even the most computer-illiterate kgbdeal-fan impress their work-mates.

what’s included in this kgbdeal…
– Excel 2003: 26 hours
– Excel 2003 to 2010 Upgrade: 10 hours
– Excel 2007: 11 hours
– Excel 2007 Advanced: 12 hours
– Excel 2010 MOS: 28 hours
– Excel 2010: 2 hours
course features…
– Flash-based instructional demonstrations
– Instructional audio with graphics
– Exercises allowing learners to practice in simulated versions of the application
– A Course Topics list with active hyperlinks to specific topics
– Find-A-Word feature, allowing quick search of unfamiliar term
– A variety of question formats, including multi-step simulations, true/false, multiple choice, and more
– Skill assessment generates a customized learning path based on the results of a pre-test
– Glossary provides a reference for unfamiliar terms
– Bookmarking tracks the progress throughout course
– PC compatible training (flash, audio and internet connection required) – Mac users may be required to install a Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac application
Find out more here>>

about Blue Mountain Training Solutions
Keen to develop your computer skills but a little confused and uncertain? Blue Mountain Training Solutions offer the perfect solution with their range of computer training courses. Courses range from beginners guides to more advanced training on specific programmes, so why not take a look to see what they could offer you?

£299 per person for a seven-night Spanish fitness retreat with K.O. Javea Beach Boot Camps – a week-long escape with full-board, personal training and just six people per camp

We all know that a sun-kissed look can help even the wobbliest of us to look a little leaner and more healthy. So imagine how your appearance could be enhanced by a week of tailor-made personal training on a sun-soaked Spanish beach. Interested? Read on and discover the perfect healthy escape and stop making excuses today!

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve been in cahoots with the fitness experts at K.O. Javea Beach Boot Camps, so we’re offering you a seven-night Spanish fitness retreat for just £299 per person. The package includes fabulous accommodation just 100 metres from the beach, as well as full-board and personal training. Find out more about what your boot camp will involve here>>

what’s included in a typical day?
6:30 – Rise and shine
7:00 – Yoga with Patricia
8:30 – Breakfast
9:30 – Circuits on the beach
10.30 – Shake, rest
11.30 – Mid morning jog or hike
13.30 – Lunch
14.00 – Free time to relax and enjoy Javea
18.00 – Dinner

about K.O. Javea Beach Boot Camps
At Javea Beach Boot Camps the aim is to put the ‘personal’ back into personal training. Kieran and Patricia understand that fitness is not a generic process and varies from person to person, which is why they limit each boot camp to a maximum of six people. Each boot camp will place you just 100m from the beach and will allow you to soak up the Spanish sunshine while getting in shape.

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