Hustle – Seasons 1-8 (16 DVD Boxset) £29.95 @ Zavvi

Good price for this; elsewhere:-
Amazon UK £43.57 £44.99
HMV £48.00 £50.29
Blackwell £59.99

Set under the grey skies of London, Hustle follows the exploits of a group of grifters (played by Adrian Lester, Robert Vaughn, Robert Glenister, Matt D’Angelo, Kelly Adams, Marc Warren and Jaime Murray). This ambitious group of conmen (and woman) are no small-time crooks either; they’ve got much loftier goals which play out as elaborate schemes, trickery, and double-crossing. Includes every episode from all eight seasons of Hustle – The Con Is On!

Hustle – Seasons 1-8 (16 DVD Boxset) £29.95 @ Zavvi

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