Moute Iti – French Polynesian Island – includes houses – £648,539.00 bargain

This is really cheap for what you get. Cheaper than a lot of places in London and no riots.

Location Bora Bora

The lease of Moute Iti is valid for the next 50 years as well as all the buildings for the price of 800,000 Euros and a monthly rent of 500 Euros.

Moute Iti is a small private island situated in the most beautiful part of the Bora Bora lagoon. The surface of Moute Iti is about 6500 m2. It is only 5 minutes by boat to the airport and about the same to reach the main island.

In spite of being equipped with modern facilities, Moute Iti gives the impression of a virgin island. All the buildings are constructed in a local Tahitian style. The island includes hot water pressure fed, electricity produced by generators and solar batteries, and an international telephone in each bungalow.

The buildings here include 3 bungalows of 40 m² each, a fare pote (in Tahitian, a meeting and entertainment house), a kitchen, a store room for food with an attic used for storing bed linens, and a little bungalow with a small paddling pool. There is also a technical building housing two generators, water reservoirs, a water-compressor, and a workshop.

FARE HONU, FARE MOANA, FARE MANU – three bungalows of 40 m2 each consisting of a bathroom, a bedroom, a dressing room and a terrace. These bungalows are fully furnished and equipped.

Moute Iti – French Polynesian Island – includes houses – £648,539.00 bargain

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