£10 for a delicious dinner for two, including a starter, main and rice each at Kashmiri Kitchen, worth up to £20.40 – save up to 51%

The day is drawing to an end and your mind is starting to wonder … what are you going to have for dinner? You’re tired, you’re not motivated to do anything that will require more effort than sticking something in the toaster. You go to the cupboard like old mother Hubbard but it wasn’t inspiring. Not in the way today’s kgbdeal is…

Take someone who enjoys good Indian food as much as you do out for a delicious meal at Kashmiri Kitchen. It will only cost £10 for both of you to enjoy any starter, any main plus a serving of rice each. And the next best thing to great food at up to 51% off – not having to do the dishes!

agent k’s pick of the menu…
- onion pakoras
- seekh kebab
- tandoori wings
- choosa handi
- gosht handi
- keema mutter 

about Kashmiri Kitchen…
The best place to go for traditional Kashmiri Cuisine. Following family recipes, their chefs cook your meals the way a mother taught them to, while wait staff display the kind of manners and service to make a mother proud.

For just £10, treat your locks to a proper pamper including wash, conditioning treatment, cut, restyle and blow-dry at The Masters – saving you 71% on feeling like a star!

Most of us don’t have bad hair days – no, no, no. We have bad hair lives. We just keep procrastinating on those regular visits to the salon we should be making, and we’re not even sure why, as we know how much of a difference glowing hair makes – especially on those Monday mornings where a glance at the mirror can ruin the mood for the day. Just imagine how good it would feel to sit down, relax and have your locks taken care of by an expert. And the confidence-boosting feeling of accomplishment that would invade your soul afterwards.

That’s what we’re bringing you today, kgbdeals fans – an opportunity to unwind in more ways than one. For as little as £10, the pros at The Masters will take your hair and turn it into something special by giving it a reviving wash, a soothing conditioning treatment and a refreshing cut and restyle, with a blow-dry finish for that much-needed extra volume and shape. Enjoy a hair-pamper with hair-blowing 71% discount!

about The Masters
Operating since 1982, these traditional but forward-thinking barbers and hairdressers offer all the luxuries a well-groomed gent or lady of leisure needs in their modern establishment boasting lavish leather seats and monochrome interiors.