£10 for a back, neck and shoulder massage, worth £25 at Mae Brow & Beauty Studio – save 60% on this soothing pamper package!

You’ve squirmed your way through your partner’s ‘massage’ techniques for the last time — top marks for enthusiasm, slightly less for technique! Maybe it’s time to experience the high end of pampering, escaping not only their fumbling clutches, but expensive prices too with your 60% saving!

For just £10, have those knots kneaded into blissful oblivion with a back, neck and shoulder massage at Mae Brow & Beauty Studio. And you’ll forget all about your partner’s cumbersome knuckles with this soothing experience – which normally costs £25!

about Mae Brow & Beauty Studio
With more than a decades’ experience in the beauty industry, Mae Brow & Beauty Studio is the perfect place to make you feel gorgeous from head to toe. Offering everything from teeth whitening to facials and waxing, you’ll feel like an A-lister from the moment you step through their doors.

Hit the road with four one-hour driving lessons for just £10, worth £96 from Red Star Driving – save 90% and get behind the wheel!

Do you sit sorrowfully on the pavement while your pals whizz back and forth in their shiny new cars? Do you yearn to be out of the passenger seat and putting your foot down on the accelerator? Do you feel like you’re just spinning your driving-test wheels? (Or are you just sick and tired of ferrying your own kids about because they haven’t got their licence yet?)

We hear ya, kgbdeals readers. Which is why we’ve picked you up four one-hour driving lessons from those kind, well-trained, and patient instructors at Red Star Driving – the perfect way for a beginner to get to grips with the trials and tribulations of driving. And you’ll pay just £10 for all of them, an incredible 90% off the normal price; leaving you with a bit more handy cash to spend on that petrol money once you’ve passed.

about Red Star Driving
Red Star Driving School has been running for over 4 years. They provide regular driving lessons at affordable prices and the instructors are perfectly trained to deal with beginner drivers. Whether you’re really nervous about taking to the roads or excited to take this step towards greater independence, they are the guys to help.

Enjoy two hours of pool or snooker for two people, plus a 12″ stonebaked pizzas, at The Ball Room sports bar – just £10 for a great night out!

When it comes to pool we all fancy ourselves as world-beating cue-masters, capable of clearing a table faster than an undercooked chicken. Yet when it comes to actually stroking those balls into the pockets, in front the judging crowd of a few mates, it turns out we couldn’t pot a plant. Of course, it’s about the taking part rather than the winning (luckily for us) so pocket this kgbdeal and enjoy some serious table action.

Take yourself and a friend down to the Ball Room and enjoy two hours of American pool or snooker for just £10. You’ll also enjoy a 12” Margherita pizza to share as well. Cue an awesome experience!

about The Ball Room
The Ball Room combines delicious homemade food, classic cocktails, great music and friendly staff with American and British pool and snooker. It boasts a variety of snooker and pool tables as well as several flat screen televisions covering all major Sky Sports events, dart boards, 3D sports television, free x-box usage, a juke box as well as monthly competitions, promotions, disabled access and free parking!

Indulge with a wash, cut, blow-dry and conditioning treatment at Hair by Zena for just £10!

Aficionados of trashy 90s telly will remember with fondness Xena, Warrior Princess, played by Lucy Lawless. Xena was a demi-goddess, or an ancient Greek warrior, or something. Anyway, the point was that she spent her days doing backflips in a chainmail bikini, fighting Cyclopses, (Cyclopi?) and all the while her hair looked totally stunning.

So we decided to hook you up with Xena’s near-namesake for a warrior-princess-worthy ‘do. Which is why, with today’s kgbdeal, you’ll be entitled to a wash, cut, blow-dry and conditioning treatment at Hair by Zena – and it’ll cost you just £10!

about Hair by Zena
Zena is a highly qualified hairdresser who has built up an excellent reputation and loyal customer base over the years. Now based in this gorgeous new salon owned by the ladies at Hairs & Graces come see what you have been missing!

Enjoy a two-course lunch for two people at the delicious Indulgence Bramhall – tuck into a main plus a starter or dessert for just £10!

Olive-clad hills and sun-ripened tomatoes trigger the mouthwatering, bitter-sweet taste of lemons dangling fresh on the trees in Italy, and so does today’s kgbdeal. Bringing you an authentic taste of Italy straight to Bramhall’s door, you can enjoy a decadent meal for two, without having to take a trip abroad…

For just £10 you and a friend can can indulge in a lunchtime dining experience at the Italian restaurant Indulgence Bramhall. Sample a delicious main each from the special lunch menu and enjoy a starter or dessert each too!

about Indulgence Bramhall
Offering authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Bramhall, this fabulous restaurant is the perfect place to dine in with your family or a friend. Dedicated to delivering delicious food and exceptional service, Indulgence offers a special dining experience with freshly sourced produce, great selctions of wines and the ambience needed to enjoy any special or everyday occasion.

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