£12 for a classic deep cleanse facial

Stress. Even reading the five letter word causes our brains to slightly frazzle and more worry lines to reveal themselves on our face. Whether it”s down to a hectic work schedule, or simply because you have to be in a hundred places at once, don’t let it get on top of you! We know a little bit of the stuff is good for you, but completely unwinding, relaxing, and spending blissful moments without a worry in the world is also good for you. Very good for you. So with that in mind, we”ve found an idyllic deal to prescribe to all our hassled hair-pullers…

For just £12, you can treat yourself to a classic deep cleanse facial at London Laser Clinic . Simply book your appointment today and get ready to put the spring back in your step!

£12 for a cut, wash & blow dry with a conditioning treatment

It”s funny how a small change can make you feel like a brand new person. It can blow away the cobwebs, put a spring in your step and revive your look entirely. So here”s to re-vamping your style, thanks to the glam gurus behind today”s beautifying deal.

Treat yourself to a new hair cut, complete with a conditioning treatment to get your locks looking lovelier than ever. Your tresses will also be treated to a wash and blow dry leaving you ”selfie” ready. And because we also like change in our wallets, this gorgeous deal will only cost you £12.

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