£579.99 for a robotic lawn mower from Redstone Shopping (merchant’s normal selling price is £1399.99) – save up to 59% on the ultimate in low-maintenance garden upkeep!

Here at kgbdeals HQ a furious debate is raging. The question is; ‘Who is your favourite robot of all time?’ Popular contenders include R2D2, Johnny 5 and WALL-E – but now there’s also a new boy on the block who could just pip all the others at the post. You see, this hot new robot is sleek, stylish, green-fingered and comes with a cracking discount!

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with Redstone Shopping to bring you the ultimate robotic lawn mower for just £579.99. This rainproof little garden gadget comes fitted with bump sensors, two cutting modes and an LED display. It also happens to boast a discount of up to 59%, which is the kind of saving that would make R2D2 exclaim “Whistle-whistle-beeeeeep!”

about Redstone Shopping
With a wide range of products to fit all tastes and budgets, Redstone make every effort to source quality items for its customers. Whether you’re looking for the latest high-tech gadget or fashionable piece of homeware, Redstone are on hand to bring you the best products at the best prices.

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