Tesco plain unlined belt top curtain £3.00 @ Tesco Direct

These are great for the price, A quick revamp for a dull window. They are available in duck egg blue also. Ive recently moved and I’m on a real tight budget! Classic style. 46" by 54 46′ by 72 are £3.50 on further looking they have lots of different lengths. Ohhh and if any of you lovely people come across bargains for the home, Give me a shout…:)

Tesco plain unlined belt top curtain £3.00 @ Tesco Direct

Kickstart your 2014 fitness frenzy with eight kickboxing classes with Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts for just £10 – includes yellow belt grading and a pair of boxing gloves!

How’s the 2014 health kick going? Ours is…stalling. We get up, we flop onto the floor, we do some half-hearted sit-ups until we can’t stand to watch the belly flab shift up and down any more, we try to lift a free weight and immediately fall over, we head out and jog to the postbox and collapse in a big sweaty tracksuited heap.

What we need is something a bit more energetic – like eight thrilling, energising kickboxing classes, training with the experts at Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts. It’s the perfect way to get you up and active this year, it comes with yellow belt grading and a pair of gloves, and it’ll cost you just £10 with today’s kgbdeal!

about British Military Martial Arts

British Military Martial Arts is the only organisation in the UK to have both ex-military instructors and civilian instructors teaching martial arts. Its instructors are some of the most professional and well trained in the world with experience of many disciplines including Karate, Kickboxing and Ju-jitsu. Young children and adults are welcomed at all levels to learn how martial arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life!

Belt out a tune at a recording studio session for one or two people, with a CD to take home, for £29 at Non Stop Studios, worth £150 – save 81% and unleash your inner pop star!

With the excitement of the X Factor really hotting up, we’ve been carrying on like idols. We hardly even speak to each other anymore, we just belt out all of our communications in song. It’s like kgbdeals The Musical round here! And we’re not gonna’ lie, we have produced some great stuff. So it’s off to the studio for us, and it’s off to the studio for you too. 

For just £29, you and a friend can enjoy an hour’s recording studio time, where you can belt out whatever takes your fancy, and have it recorded on two CDs to keep afterwards. Normally this package would cost £150, but with this fabulous kgbdeal you can unleash your inner diva for less!  

about Non Stop Studios
Non Stop Studios is a brand new, modern studio which caters for all genres of music or levels of experience. Whether you’re a budding band looking to lay down your first demo, or just looking for a unique birthday present, this recording studio is equipped to deal with your needs. With state of the art equipment and long opening hours, you’re guaranteed a top quality recording experience.

Primark Men’s Brown Leather Belt, was £5, scans at £2

Found in Oxford Street, London. 100% brown Leather men’s belt, ideal for jeans. Was £5, but scanned through the tills at £2. Checked codes on product & receipt, even asked the assistant if they included the belt!

£2 for a 100% leather belt. Can’t complain!

Primark Men’s Brown Leather Belt, was £5, scans at £2

£19.99 for a Vibro Belt from BeautyFit – save up to 83% on this revolutionary belt with multiple program settings

So, your gym routine is a bit hit and miss and your diet plan goes out the window every time chocolate cake’s involved. Maybe it’s your busy lifestyle which leaves you struggling to resist temptation? Well, whatever the reason, today’s kgbdeal could be just what you need to take that almighty step in the right direction…

For just £19.99, you can try out a Vibro Belt from BeautyFit. This superb belt offers multiple program settings, rotation directions and intensity levels and even comes with a not-so-slim saving of up to 83%!

about BeautyFit
This superb website offers a whole range of quality beauty products to help you to improve your appearance and self-confidence. They strive to deliver great value as well as cutting edge innovation and their comprehensive range includes everything from weight-loss aids to fabulous fragrances.

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