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£21 for a half head of highlights or full colour, cut, blow dry & conditioning treatment

i would like to put a deal on it will consist of a semi permanant colour with cut and blow inc scalp massage and conditoning treatment, and 10% off any treatment if booked at time of visit. When it's time

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£19 for a haircut, wash & blow dry

Remember "the one" episode of friends when Monica goes to Barbados and her hair transforms into a frizzy monster? Her locks increase in volume by the hour, and she starts to turn her attention to taming her mane. Fast forward

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£26 for a 90-minute pamper package including a massage, facial, manicure & blow dry

When was the last time you truly pampered yourself? We’re not talking about the last bubble bath that you had to jump out of too soon, because your magazine got soggy and everyone was banging on the bathroom door! We

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£39 for a Brazilian blow dry

When your barnet is too frizzy to bear, it’s time to call in the pros! Sure, you could faff around with straighteners, smoothing balms and anti-frizz shampoos, but when you wash your hair, it’s all back to square one. How

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£24 for a full head of colour OR a half head of highlights, with a wash, cut & blow dry + treatment

Spring has sprung so we feel like it’s time to celebrate with a new ‘do.’ If your tresses are looking a little sad and lacklustre then why not give them a treat by snapping up this deal! You don’t need

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£10 for a wash, cut and blow dry with conditioning treatment & head massage

There’s nothing like having your hair cut to revitalise your look, and give you and your hair a new lease of life. Our aim is to give you a happy head of hair that looks amazing and makes you feel

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£36 for T-section highlights, haircut, conditioning treatment & blow dry

Your hair is your crowning glory and we think you should show it a bit of love from time to time. It’s easy to bypass the odd hair cut, but we don’t advise it if you want to stay looking

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£19 for a half head of highlights, wash, cut & blow dry with conditioning treatment

With icy winds and frosty snow it’s not surprisingy that you want to stay in bed. But as they say ‘the show must go on’ (regardless of the chilly-winter weather), so if you’re in need of a pick-me-up, why not

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£24 for a wash, cut & blow dry with treatment

Wishing you got lovlier locks? Make dreams a reality at The Purple Salon. This offer for haircut, wash, hair treatment & blowdry is only a mere £24 – surely better than what you were dreaming of! Treat your tresses to

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£12 for two wash, cut & blow dry appointments for men

Battling this country’s elements hits hair hard, and not just women’s. If you’re a gentleman suffering from a dry, frizzy mane or out of control cowlicks, this deal is just the dose of style you need! Or maybe you just

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