£10 for a choice of 1-hour full body massage – Liverpool City Centre

These days it seems like everyone”s telling us what to do – with varying degrees of anger. "Stand here!" "Do that!" "Get out of the way!" "Gimme!" (that”s our junior, for those of us who have it). And the more often it happens, the more stressed we begin to feel, the internal tension brimming higher and higher – until, at last, we hear a quiet and still voice (that”s us) whispering in our ear, "Hey, hey – relax."

Give yourself the soothing treatment you deserve, deals pals – pick yourself up an hour”s reviving, refreshing full-body massage from the wonderful pamperers at Natasha Class Holistics. You”ll be able to choose between a Swedish, deep tissue massage or aromatherapy, and best of all, it”ll cost you just £10. Because after all, it”s hard to let your troubles float away if you”re worrying about the lightness in your wallet.

£15 for a 1 hour full body massage in Tooting

Weather outside got you down? We hear you! When the sky is grey and it doesn’t stop raining, its easy to feel blue. The good news is you don’t need to book an exotic holiday somewhere to feel like you got away from it all! Located in Tooting is a little place called Exquisite Hair & Beauty that will make you forget the doom and gloom, and get you feeling brand new in no time!

If you fancy having a 1 hour full body massage in Tooting, this deal is for you! This is a whammy of beauty goodness all served up for only £15.

Get away from it all with some pamper time, and start to feel like a confident new you!

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