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Stand out for all the right reasons with a gorgeous white or black leather flower bracelet made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, only £6 from Marcus Emporium!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love. A sudden ‘love at first sight’ moment can induce a tummy full of butterflies, loss of appetite and a dry mouth followed by complete and utter euphoria. Prepare to endure

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Discover the wonders of magnetic jewellery with a gorgeous woven magnetic copper bracelet from Love Crystal – an edgy addition to your autumn wardrobe

Iron Man might just be the most arrogant superhero in the Marvel Universe, but you’ve got to admit, he certainly knew a thing or two about metals. Whilst Wolverine was running around in spandex and Spiderman debating whether or not

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£7 for a ten-row tennis bracelet with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS from Marcus Emporium – game, set, and fashion match!

“Anyone for tennis?” agent k’s posh cousin brays, leading them all out onto the court and proceeding to spend the next three hours sweating like a pig aggressively volleying and thwacking the ball all over the place. But it’s at

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£9 for a pave five-row crystal tennis bracelet and 6mm matching studs made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS from Lily Nicole – save up to 91% on a dazzling jewellery set

With the New Year celebrations officially over, it can be easy to fall back into the winter blues. But just because the nights are colder and the skies are perpetually darker doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to follow suit. Add

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Charm Bracelet £18

Blue or Black Charm Bracelet Including Delivery for £18 (60% Off) Charm Bracelet £18Black Charm Bracelet Charm Bracelet £18Blue Charm Bracelet

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£5 for a knotted crystal bracelet in a choice of five colours from Marcus Emporium – save up to 94% on this stylish accessory!

When it comes to stylish stocking fillers, it can be hard to choose the perfect fit. Tired of being on the receiving end of oranges, lumps of coal and pairs of socks, our agents have hunted down the ideal gift

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£18 for a glistening quad set made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS from Antwerp Jewels – save up to 87% and add some sparkle to your Christmas with a bracelet, necklace, ring and pair of earrings

So the Christmas parties are coming up and it’s time we starting searching for some fabulous jewellery to fit the occasion. The perfect outfit is a must and gorgeous accessories simply cannot be overlooked. Lucky for you our agents know

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£15 for a stunning three-piece black freshwater pearl jewellery set from Diamanique Jewellery – save up to 89% on a necklace, bracelet and a pair of delicate stud earrings

Lots of people consider oysters to be aphrodisiacs. But here at kgbdeals we’re more interested in the pretty little items these creatures produce than what they taste like. And – in case you were wondering – a gift that involves

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£12 for a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS tri set from Lily Nicole – save up to 90% on this gorgeous earrings, necklace and bracelet set

With winter looming, many of us are hitting the shops in an effort to revamp our dreary wardrobes. After all, a change of season automatically grants permission for a shopping trip, and nothing quite beats showing off new threads. So,

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Shamballa-Style Bracelet £9

Shamballa-Style Bracelet in Choice of Colours from £9 (Up to 79% Off) Shamballa-Style Bracelet £9One Shamballa-Style Bracelet Shamballa-Style Bracelet £9Two Shamballa-Style Bracelets Shamballa-Style Bracelet £9Three Shamballa-Style Bracelets

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