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£19 choice of two beauty treatments, including massages, spray tans, nails & more!

You work hard, that's for sure. You take life's little knocks and absorb them like a sponge soaks up all that vexing grime. The thing is, like a sponge, every now and again you need to wring out that unwelcome

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£14 for a choice of an aromatherapy, Swedish or hot stone massage

You've finally got some time off from work and the day is yours! What are you going to do? With so many fabulous ways to wile away an afternoon, it can often be hard to pick one of them –

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£15 for a choice of 1-hr cupping massage – dry, wet or fire

You've tried it all. The sweeping strokes of a relaxing Swedish massage, the flinch-inducing qualities of deep tissue, and now you're on the hunt for something a little different to ease your aching body. We've found the perfect deal for

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£15 for a choice of facial

One thing we've noticed about summer is that the entire population of London transforms into a gaggle of beauty queens. Perfectly plucked eyebrows, super-smooth skin glinting in the sun. Impeccably-dressed, they stand on the tube with their heads held high,

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Choice of Beauty Treatments


One-Hour Beauty Package (from £15) Including Leisure Centre Access (from £20) at Suprina (Up to 73% Off)

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£16 for a massage of your choice: Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Sports

Sitting at a desk all day, rushing around town, gardening – even shopping – it can all take its toll on your body. At the end of a busy week, it’s no surprise that you’re left feeling tense and aching

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Bungee Jump at Choice of Location


Bungee Jumping Nationwide from £49 with The UK Bungee Club (Up to 37% Off)

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£56 for a spa day with a choice of 2 treatments from the express list & tea or coffee for 2

A spa day is perfect if you want relaxation and a whole lot of pampering! Who needs to wait for a special occasion to treat themselves? Not you, when you pick up this fantastic deal! For just £56 you and

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£9 for a choice of burger and sides for 2

Everyone has things they like to do. Go for a cycle, a walk in the country, lie around reading a good book or dancing while they cook. But who doesn’t enjoy going out for a good meal with a good

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£15 for a choice of a 1-hour facial

It’s almost time to throw off those Ugg boots, ditch the tights, and whip out the bronzers for a little spring glow. The changing seasons means changing skin, and unfortunately we’re all a slave to the elements when it comes

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