£795 for a Six Month Smiles© clear fixed brace with consultation on a single arch at Pure Clinic Manchester

We can cut our hair, buy new clothes and exercise at the gym, but for results that will truly 'wow' we need to focus on our smiles! For an instant makeover, where you'll look like the best possible version of yourself, beautiful straight teeth are what we're talking about. And with today's deal you can invest in your smile without making your wallet frown!

Feel more confident and ready to flash that million dollar smile with a Six Month Smiles clear fixed brace, including a full consultation on a single arch at Pure Clinic in Manchester for £795.

This sleek clinic is a hub for cosmetic procedures as well as dentistry, where highly trained skin specialists, doctors and dentists have years of experience. Boasting a few celebrity names in the long list of the clinic's clientèle, you too will get the star treatment from the moment you walk in.

Six Month Smiles© is a new orthodontic treatment that uses tooth coloured brackets and wires, and focuses on moving the teeth that you see when you smile (rather than focusing on the bite and moving all the teeth). It uses special nickel wires to move the teeth into the desired position. So now, treatments that would usually take 18 months to two years are completed in as little as six months.

Stay smooth with six sessions of IPL on either one large area, one medium area, or two small areas at Flawless Beauty Laser Clinic for £59!

Why is it that hair only seems to grow in places we don’t want it? When we’re after luscious long locks on top, it seems to grow at a rate of about one inch per year. Yet when we wax our legs there seems to be a fresh inch of bristle by the end of the day! It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out – literally!

So why not try a new approach with six sessions of IPL laser hair reduction at Flawless Beauty Laser Clinic? Six sessions will cost you just £59 with this kgbdeal – all that’s left to do is choose from either one large area, one medium area, or two small areas for the treatment.

Choose from the following areas…
Small areas

- Between eyebrows

- One facial area (for example, chin/upper lip/glabella)

- Under arms

- Bikini line

- Two facial areas (for example, 2 cheeks or upper lip & chin)

- Hands or feet

– Breast (nipple area) 

Medium areas

- Abdomen

- Extended bikini

- Full face

- Upper or lower arms

- Breast/chest

- Full bikini

- Lower legs 

Large areas

- Full arm

- Upper legs

- Upper back only

- Chest and abdomen

- Upper back (including shoulders)

- Full back & shoulders

- Full legs 

about Flawless Beauty Laser Clinic…
The team at Flawless Beauty Laser Clinic are specialists in beauty and IPL hair reduction. They offer a wide range of beauty services as well as IPL treatment.

£19 for a postural and spinal assessment with sports massage therapy from King’s Osteopathic Clinic – save 58%!

Are your joints, back, neck and knees making you speak in a new dialect lately? One with a lexicon centered around the words “ouch” and “eek” and “ugh”? You might be the right fit for today’s alleviating kgbdeal, then…

Pick up a postural and spinal assessment from King’s Osteopathic Clinic, as well as sports massage therapy. It’ll cost you just £19, 58% off the usual price!

Release the tension with a 75-minute reflexology session with Roohi @ His and Her’s Beauty Clinic for £21!

Holistic therapies are big news these days, as more and more people wake up to the power of these alternative treatments. And one of the fastest-growing holistic therapies at the moment is reflexology, which works on the principle that the feet are a microcosm of the human body and the right manipulation of them can have positive effects all over.

Enjoy a relaxing 75-minute reflexology session with Roohi @ His and Her’s Beauty Clinic for just £21. Put your feet up and let go of the pressure! 

about His and Hers Beauty Clinic
His & Hers is a contemporary laser, hair, nail and beauty clinic for both men and women. Their laser techniques are aimed at catering to people from all walks of life, no matter the skin type, using award-winning Cynosure Elite laser machines to provide the highest quality treatments. With use of leading product brands including Dermologica, OPI and Fake Bake as well as up-to-date laser technology they aim to please in both traditional beauty therapy and current trends of aesthetics.

Enjoy three sessions of microdermabrasion for just £21 from MCCM Clinic – save 94%!

Do you ever just… stop dead in front of a mirror, staring in disbelief at the stranger you’ve become? It happens to us all sometimes – we gaze into the eyes of our own reflection, unable to believe how tired we look – how old. Where did the time go? How did we let age defeat us? It all gets just a little bit gloomy.

Well, our agents say it’s time to fight back against tiresome age and stress – to catch Father Time a blow on his withered old schnozz. Which is why they’ve picked you up three entire sessions of fabulous microdermabrasion treatments to give you a go at infusing your skin with some of that old life and your heart with some of that old confidence. And just as brilliantly, you’ll pay just £21, an astounding 94% off the usual price.

about MCCM Clinic
The staff at MCCM Clinic are all fully qualified as well as energetic and friendly. A range of treatments are on offer at the clinic, from vitamin injections to laser hair reduction and dermal fillers, so whatever your beauty needs, you’re bound to find your answers there.

£69 for a Gold package 4D babyscan at Antenatal Babyscan Clinic – take home a DVD and photos of your baby!

When you’re expecting, one of the most exciting moments is getting to see your little one for the first time during your very first babyscan. The evolution of technology means that the cloudy polaroid you used to get to take home is almost a novelty – these days you can enjoy the the thrill of a 4D view of your baby and take the experience home with you to show your friends and family! 

For just £69, treat yourself to a Gold package 4D babyscan from Antenatal Babyscan Clinic. View your baby on a 40″ colour viewing screen and take home photos and a DVD too! During your 4D imaging session you will get the chance to see an ultrasound of your baby!

Gold 4D package includes

- up to 20 minute appointment

- 10 mins of 4D imaging on 40″ Screen

- 2 x thermal black/white prints

- 6 professional standard 3D colour photos

- plus 6 colour photos on DVD

- plus up to 10 mins of 4D imaging on DVD

- optional sexing of baby

about Antenatal Babyscan Clinic

ABC4D combines the highest standards in sonography, ultrasound technology and medical know-how within family-friendly, relaxed spa-like clinics. With a wide range of baby scan packages and complementary obstetric therapies on offer at affordable prices, the team at ABC4D look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Get into relaxation mode with a £29 half-day spa experience at the Rodney Street Clinic & Spa, including a facial and massage!

The modern British adult has a lot on their plate these days. There’s the weather to moan about, the transport system to contend with and other people to deal with. It’s enough to make even the most mild mannered of us blow our tops. If you’re feeling the pressure of contemporary life, this deal could be for you.

For just £29 you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating half-day spa experience at the luxurious Rodney Street Clinic & Spa. This pampering package includes a massage and facial, along with full use of the spa’s facilities. That includes the likes of a hot tub, steam rooms, relaxation rooms and even a meditation lounge complete with massage chairs! Aren’t we good to you?

about The Rodney Street Cosmetic Clinic 
Situated in Liverpool city centre, The Rodney Street Cosmetic Clinic is dedicated to making you look and feel fabulous! Offering everything from semi-permanent make-up to hair extensions, they’ll give you the confidence to feel like an A-lister!

Pick up six sessions of Soprano ICE laser hair reduction from Istanbul Hair and Beauty Clinic for just £139!

The trouble with all of these really classic American TV shows is that all of them take far too long to watch. You could waste weeks on end in front of the Wire. By the time you’re through with Breaking Bad, your TV will probably have broken down. And once you’ve finished The Sopranos, all of your unwanted body hair will probably have grown back.

Give yourself a bit of laser hair reduction to help you get through all six seasons, kgbdeals fans – pick up six sessions of Soprano ICE from the fine folks at Istanbul Hair and Beauty Clinic. You’ll get to choose from a mixture of extra-large, large, medium and small areas – and you’ll pay just £139, too. Now that’s an offer you really can’t refuse (yes, we know that’s The Godfather).

Pick up six IPL hair reduction sessions from Ky Dolce Skin Clinic for just £89!

From peanut butter to Pierce Brosnan – some things are just better when they’re smooth. As we all know, body hair can be an unwelcome disruption to this penchant, so thank heavens for Silk Beauty. We’ve teamed up with this brand new, city centre salon to bring you today’s kgbdeal for IPL hair reduction.

For just £89, we’re offering a superb series of six treatments on one medium or two small areas. This deal truly is smoother than Sean Connery’s drawl (spot the James Bond connection)… 

about Ky Dolce Skin Clinic
The mission at KYDOLCE Skin Clinic; to care for the Earth we live in and to be able to make a difference in the way we that we think about how we use the natural resources from our planet everyday and not to take them for granted!

Pick up an organic 80-minute Germaine de Cappuccini facial from Ky Dolce Skin Clinic for just £19!

The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s beauty was so great that the other gods feared their rivalry over her would lead to war. These days, of course, the only beauty war is the one we wage against oily or dry skin on a daily basis. If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle at the moment, we’ve got your new secret weapon.

Pick up a luxurious organic Germaine de Cappuccini facial from Ky Dolce Skin Clinic, lasting up to eighty minutes. It’ll cost you just £19 with today’s kgbdeal!

about Ky Dolce Skin Clinic
The mission at KYDOLCE Skin Clinic; to care for the Earth we live in and to be able to make a difference in the way we that we think about how we use the natural resources from our planet everyday and not to take them for granted!