Treat yourself to a semi-permanent make-up treatment on a single area for just £99 from Wyndham Place Beauty Clinic!

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. As the hours, days and months pass by, relationships come to an end, governments topple and (just as tragically) really awesome TV shows get cancelled. It’s at times like these that we all find ourselves wishing for a little bit more permanence – especially when it comes to our looks…

Add a little stability into your beauty routine, thanks to a semi-permanent make-up treatment on a single area from the gorgeousness gurus at Wyndham Place Beauty Clinic. Choosing from eyeliner, lash enhancement, lip liner, lip blush, eyebrows or beauty spots, it’s the perfect way to ensure you’re feeling ready for whatever changes tomorrow may bring – and it’ll cost you just £99, too!

Wyndham Place Beauty Clinic 
This exclusive clinic is located in the heart of the West End. With a huge range of treatments and expert staff, it’s the perfect place for a comprehensive pampering. Your stylist will talk you through your treatments to ensure that you’re totally comfortable.

Refresh for just £59 and pick yourself up half a syringe of dermal filler at Liverpool Skin Clinic – save 69% on this confidence-boosting treatment!

She may be 42, but Dannii Minogue is still as fresh-faced and gorgeous as when she was in her mid-twenties – you might say Lindsay Lohan is the flip-reverse! Body confidence can make a lot of difference, and agent g has a boldness-boosting way that could help to up yours with today’s kgbdeal.

After an initial consultation, you’ll receive a half-syringe of dermal filler for just £59 from the experts at Liverpool Skin Clinic. Rediscover the power to work your inner socialite for 69% less, courtesy of today’s amazing offer!

about Liverpool Skin Clinic
The Liverpool Skin Clinic are dedicated to making you feel good about your appearance. Offering dermal fillers, hair transplants and chemical peels among their beauty boosting treatments, their relaxed, friendly manner makes them the perfect place for all your beauty needs.

Treat yourself to six sessions of laser hair reduction on two small areas or one medium area at Samvat Clinic for just £79 – save up to 87%!

Whether you’re running a rowdy kennelful of dogs or a family of four, hair gets everywhere. Into the fabric of the bathroom mat, into your nice hot bowl of soup – even sprouting out of your skin where you least expect it. 

You could pluck it out, of course (painfully. Sooo painfully) – or you could heed agent g’s advice and head to Samvat Clinic, where you’ll receive six sessions of laser hair reduction on either two small areas or one medium area. Yours for £79, saving you up to 87%!

about Samvat Clinic
Samvat Clinic is a fully registered cosmetic establishment, employing a team of professionals who specialise in non-surgical procedures, who carry out all cosmetic procedures under direct supervision of a doctor who has a fantastic 20 years’ medical experience.

Indulge with a waxing voucher worth up to £30 at The Beauty Clinic Staple Hill, plus a file and polish, for just £12!

Everyone knows and fears the terrible curse of the werewolf – which every few months causes perfectly ordinary men and women to transform into horrifyingly hairy beasts, covered from head to foot in fearsome fur, roaring and snarling and generally causing a bit of old-fashioned havoc.

If your bad hair day’s making you howl at the moon, then don’t despair – simply pick up a waxing voucher for The Beauty Clinic Staple Hill to the tune of £30, costing just £12 with today’s kgbdeal. And because we want to make sure your paws are looking equally natty, you’ll even receive a file and polish on either your hands or your feet as well.

about The Beauty Clinic Staple Hill
Located on the High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol, this clinic aims to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where all of their clients feel relaxed and welcome.

Get a thorough check-up with a medical MOT for just £79 at the Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street – save 80%!

Mothers think they know everything, and the internet is a hub of self-diagnosis – even our faithful friends can have a crack at guessing what ails us. Although all three ports of call may have the best of intentions, when it comes to your health you’re best to put your trust in the professionals!

For just £79, you can take yourself to the friendly team at Medical Express Clinic for a comprehensive medical MOT, including a medical exam with a GP, a blood pressure and pulse check, a full blood profile and more! And the discount of 80% is pretty healthy, too!

about Medical Express Clinic
London’s first independent walk-in clinic based on Harley Street offers a range of medical services from simple consultations and various screenings to Cryo-Lipo.  A team of friendly, approachable and commendable medical professionals will welcome you and help you with whatever you may need.

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