£29 for a 150-hour online interior design course

Are you able to create a killer room using a lick of paint and charity shop furniture (It's called vintage, darling)? Can you spot an Arne Jacobsen at a hundred paces in a busy flea market? If you’re known as the ‘trendy one’ amongst your groups of friends, then why not see how far that formidable fashion foresight can take you? Starting with this deal…

We have an interior design course available for just £29 from the fashionable folks at Centre of Excellence Online. This comprehensive 150-hour online course could be the start of a glamorous new career, teaching you everything from room elements and colour schemes to business and project management! You'll also be provided with full tutor support and have access to monthly practice sessions in London and Manchester. Upon completion of the course assessment you will receive your interior design diploma certificates from the Centre of Excellence and the IANLPC

Course Contents:</br>

The Background</br>The origins of Interior design</br>Influences through the ages</br>Great Designers of our recent past

Defining a style</br>Design Elements</br>Space</br>Colour</br>Balance</br>Design Elements cont.</br>Texture & </br>Pattern</br>Scale</br>Line</br>Form

Room Elements</br>Furniture</br>Flooring</br>Lighting</br>Walls</br>Windows</br>Doors</br>Fabrics</br>Accessories

The Project</br>Planning the project</br>Space planning</br>Choosing a colour scheme</br>Choosing flooring</br>Choosing </br>all treatments</br>Choosing lighting</br>Choosing furniture</br>Choosing window dressings</br>Arranging the furniture</br>Choosing accessories</br>The results</br>Tools of the trade

Making a living from Interior design</br>Have you got what it takes to be an Interior Designer?</br>Setting up a small business</br>Business plan</br>Tax</br>VAT</br>Insurance</br>Health & safety

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