£16 for a 2 course meal for 2 with starters & a choice of a stone grill 8oz rump steak, chicken or pork skewers

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, there’s always time for a delicious meal out. With choices that are classic and packed full of flavour, today’s deal brings you a 2 course meal for 2, with starters and a choice of a stone grill 8oz rump steak, chicken or pork skewers, all for just £16 – forks are at the ready!

Grab a fellow foodie and head on over to Mia Porto Due in Cardiff, for wonderful food rustled up in a cosy eclectic environment. You’ll tuck into a Stone Grill, which is a real treat for all the senses! Capturing the interest of diners throughout the Mediterranean, this method of cooking can be traced back to ancient Egyptians and Vikings. Accompanied with home made chips and seasonal vegetables, you’ll love this meaty meal.

With bric-a-brac and cozy wooden furniture, as well as a fusion of Portuguese and Italian fare, this unique and charming local will welcome you with open arms. As one of the longest established family restaurants in the area, the team at Mia Porto Due are pro’s when it comes to dishing up delectable classics. Snag this deal today to enjoy excellent cuisine, for an excellent price!

£49 for a CeMAP Mortgage Advisor online course – One Paper

Interested in giving your home a new look? Or maybe you just want to become more handy around the house. We know that calling contractors for little things can be a pain…now here’s the solution!

This course package includes 18 modules designed to give you the basics of maintenance skills, interior design and renovation. Written by experts in the field of home improvement and contains step by step videos on plumbing maintenance, weather stripping, garbage disposal and more!

What you will get:

– Expert Instructor-Led Training

– Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia Presentations

– Quizzes & Exam Simulators

– Social Learning & Networking

– Flash Cards & Educational Games

– Navigation and Controls

about Blue Mountain Training Solutions

Keen to develop your skills but a little confused and uncertain? Blue Mountain Training Solutions offer the perfect solution with their range of computer training courses. Courses range from beginners guides to more advanced training on specific programmes, so why not take a look to see what they could offer you?

Mortgage Advisors are in demand!

Kick-start your career as a mortgage advisor with one paper from this level 1 training package for just £49.

A CeMAP qualification entitles you to be the focal point for anyone in need of a mortgage. If this is the line of work you wish to enter, the obtainment of CeMAP certificate levels 1, 2 and 3 is essential.

As the housing market currently stands, it’s an opportune moment to become a mortgage advisor.

CeMAP will get you started on your journey into mortgage advising, which can only begin with this Level 1 training package.

Pick one of the following papers:

<u>CeMAP Paper One: UK Financial Regulation (30 hours)</u>

This paper introduces the purpose and structure of the UK financial services industry, with training in asset classes, products, advice and legal concepts. Areas such as UK taxation and inflation are also covered.

Full Course Details found <a href=&quot;http://www.bluemountaintraining.com/course-catalogue/product/view/47/225 &quot;>here</a>

<u>CeMAP Paper Two: Mortgages (15 hours)</u>

Divided into four training sections, this paper covers mortgage law, policy, practice and markets before moving on to mortgage applications and the principles and implications of valuations and the provision of advice. Mortgage payment methods and products are also covered, as are the procedures associated with mortgage arrears and post-completion issues.

Full Course Details found <a href=&quot;http://www.bluemountaintraining.com/course-catalogue/product/view/47/228 &quot;>here</a>

<u>CeMAP Paper Three: Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge (15 hours)</u>

This paper assesses participants’ ability to apply the knowledge and understanding gained from the first two CeMAP papers; specifically, how to devise suitable mortgage solutions within the relevant regulatory and ethical guidelines. The paper also covers how to analyse consumer needs and circumstances in order to arrive at the most appropriate recommendations.

Full Course Details found <a href=&quot;http://www.bluemountaintraining.com/course-catalogue/product/view/47/229&quot;>here</a>

The IFS are the awarding body of the CeMAP qualification, should a student wish to become accredited they would still need to register and attempt 3 exams at an approved test centre, this would incur an additional charge of £164 per module

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