£19 for papadums, a sharing platter, main course, rice & naan bread to share for 2 + 10% off any bottle of wine

What are you doing for dinner tonight? Another ready meal perhaps, or a plate of boring spag bol? Life shouldn't be about dull dishes just to fill a hole. Life should be celebrated over good food with good friends. Do something different tonight and go out to eat! After all, wonderful things can happen when we catch up over a curry.

With today's deal you can grab an Indian meal for two with papadums, a sharing platter, a main course and rice each, plus naan bread to share – all for just £19. Forget boring nights in and live a little. With this deal you don't need to spend a fortune to have a great time, with some great food.

You'll begin your meal with a starter platter consisting of onion bhajis, seek kebab, bara chicken, and samosa. Then, when you've warmed up your taste buds, pick your favourite curry from the towering selection to accompany your rice and naan bread to share. Choose a delicious chicken korma or jalfrezi, or why not opt for a lamb madras. With the wine selection offered up at 10% off with this deal, this is the makings of a beautiful evening.