Refine your nails for £12 with Shellac fingers and toes plus a mini mani-pedi, worth £40 at Nails by Marie at Simply Enhanced – save 70%!

Has it been another one of those weeks, or a spate of months, where you’ve been on the go, non-stop, with hardly a pause between events and responsibilities? And when that little break comes along, maybe for half an hour, maybe for two hours, the only thing we all know for sure is that is isn’t long enough! You have to choose… Relax? Or sit down and preen your neglected hands and feet?

We know which one we would choose and that’s why we have designed today’s kgbdeal to be one where you can relax while someone else takes care of your hands and feet. Enjoy a lick of Shellac on your fingers and toes as well as a mini mani-pedi from Nails by Marie at Simply Enhanced. It’ll only set you back £12 and save you 70%! 

about Simply Enhanced
Do you dream of having a natural look without turning yourself into a living Barbie doll? Then Simply Enhanced can help! This stunning salon offers a full range of beauty products including tanning, manicures, eyelash extensions, massage and facials to help create a flawless look for every time you visit!

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