£21 for a Skinbreeze or skin brightening facial

In the course of our daily lives, tensions can really snowball. It begins with a game of hide and seek between you and your keys in the morning, gathers momentum as office rivalries mount, before culminating in a "who drank all the tea?!" meltdown when you get home. It”s for these reasons that we”ve rustled up an ever-so-enticing relaxing treat…

For just £39, pick up a deeply soothing luxury relaxation package at Beauty Bubble. This soothing session includes 5 treatments: back cleanse, back exfoliation, back massage, facial and head massage. You”ll leave feeling relaxed asnd invorgated for the new season

For most of us, there are only a handful of situations when it”s okay to go make-up free. At the gym? Fine. In fact, you”ll feel much more smug if you can roll your eyes at the women who are trying not to smudge their mascara. What about late-night trips to a 24-hour supermarket? Also acceptable. The chance of bumping into an ex-boyfriend in the frozen aisle after midnight is small enough to justify a Magnum-dash.

But imagine if you had the confidence to never fret about forgetting your cosmetics bag? Well for just £21, you can choose between the wonderful Skinbreeze Microdermabrasion Facial or a skin brightening facial and boldly head out without a cosmetic care in the world.

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