Having fun on the Galaxy S4 mini features

Samsung recently pulled back the curtains on the Galaxy S4 Mini, jumping the gun slightly and deciding to debut it earlier than its original launch date. The S4 Mini features many of the same high-end capabilities as its costlier rivals, which means it is a great smartphone for everyday productivity and entertaining fun. To help […]

Having fun on the Galaxy S4 mini features

£89 for a semi permanent makeup treatment from Mae Brow and Beauty, worth up to £250 – save up to 64% and save time on accentuating your best features

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LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 features

LG Nexus 4 - Android 4.2 features

The LG Nexus 4 was announced on October 29, created to come and update Google’s famous Nexus line. The previous Nexus phone, which was made by Samsung, wasn’t the coolest device on the market in terms of hardware, though it came with the latest version of Google’s Android OS. Now the Nexus 4 manufactured by LG is running the new Android 4.2 OS, which offers a lot of amazing improvements. But what else can this phone boast of? And is it really worth buying? We’ll try to find it out now.


LG Nexus 4 hardware

LG has tried to arm it new Nexus 4 with the best features of the famous Optimus line, yet keeping its price as low as possible. That’s how we got a huge 4.7-inch device offering a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels (320ppi pixel density – not bad, hm?), protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and weighing only 139 grams (4.90 oz).
Inside the phone you will find a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, together with 2GB of RAM, similar to the LG Optimus G. Well, you can call it a powerful CPU of course – they say it’s almost as good as that of the Samsung Galaxy S3. We are not sure the 2100mAh battery is enough to power these energy-consuming processor and touchscreen, but it’s still said to provide at least 15.3 hours of talk time, which is not bad, of course, if it’s true. The cameras are usual 8MP and 1.3MP ones – almost all modern smartphones have such cameras now.

Another advantage of the Nexus 4 is the wireless charging technology: the phone uses the Qi wireless standard, so finding a charger for it won’t be a big problem, but Google has still announced the Wireless Charging Orb – a really cool and stylish accessory that is expected to be fully compatible with the Nexus 4.

All of the specs mentioned above seem to be rather attractive, but the LG Nexus 4 has two big shortcomings, too. First, it comes in two versions only featuring 8 and 16GB of internal memory and NO support for microSD cards, so you can forget about storing huge amounts of data on your phone. For many users it’s a very big problem. Second, LG and Google haven’t added LTE support to the phone: they said LTE wasn’t quite “consumer-ready,” whatever it means; but perhaps they did it just to cut down the price of the Nexus 4. This will be a problem for those who’re used to LTE, but people from areas with no LTE coverage won’t care at all.


Android 4.2 and its new features

Most versions of Google’s Android OS have special “sweet” codenames coming in alphabetical order: Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. Developing the Jelly Bean experience with further smoothening to the UI, Android 4.2 has a lot to offer.

First of all, it now supports multiple user accounts (though it’s available in tablets only – yet), each coming with its own homescreen, apps and widgets. Gesture typing, which has long been available thanks to the popular Swype app, is now built in the system, available for both smartphones and tablets. It’s also possible to place widgets on the lock screen and access quick settings (including display brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery life) even faster than before – via the notifications area. Google Now has become smarter, too.

If you love taking photos, you’ll probably like the new camera mode in Android 4.2 called Photo Sphere. It’s a good improvement to the usual panorama mode, allowing tilting the phone not only left and right, but up and down, too, so you can get even bigger and cooler panoramic images.

So many features that were earlier made available via different apps are now implemented in the OS itself, so you won’t have to use any third-party apps any longer, which is of course very nice. Plus, Android 4.2 is promised to perform better and lack the lags of the previous versions, which also sounds very attractive.


LG Nexus 4 price and availability

The LG Nexus 4 is expected to be launched on November 13 in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, US, Canada and Australia, while other countries will get it a bit later, by the end of November. The 8GB model will be sold for £239 at the Google Play Store.


So is the LG Nexus 4 worth buying?

Well, what do we have here? The LG Nexus 4 is quite an attractive smartphone with good hardware and software. It does have a couple of shortcomings, of course, like the lack of LTE and microSD card slot, but the low price fully compensates for this.

If you like to store much info in your phone and use the super-fast LTE networks, perhaps the LG Nexus 4 is not for you. For all the others it’s an almost perfect smartphone for a rather affordable price.

LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 features

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
After widespread gossip and rumour, an official press release unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Announced in Berlin last night, the S3 Mini takes a leaf from from their best-selling 2012 device to launch a smartphone packed with great features. How does the S3 Mini differ to the original Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - side image

Looking at the overall design of the S3 Mini, it maintains a style in common with the original Galaxy S3. Available in Marble White and with a curvy smoothed back design, the S3 Mini is inspired by nature, just like the S3 and Galaxy Note 2 releases. With a 4 inch display, the S3 Mini is 0.8 inches smaller than the May release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Why reduce the size of the S3?

As our smartphone needs have evolved, many of us play videos and applications on our devices. The larger screen of the Galaxy S3 lets you delve deeper into the entertainment experience. There is a counter argument that some users dislike lugging a large device around with them.

By releasing a 4 inch S3 Mini device, the Samsung brand becomes more appealing to those who look for a regular sized handset. In addition, the Mini sizes up to the iPhone 5 inch for inch; will Apple fans jump the fence?

Mighty S3 Mini features

Running the latest Android Jelly Bean OS, the S3 Mini offers the most up to date version of Android; something the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t even cater for yet. The latest features on Android Jelly Bean include an improved notifications menu and access to Google Now; a tool that answers questions based on your location and time settings e.g. when your favourite sports team are in action, a quick swipe on Google Play will report back to you with the latest scores. Magic!

There’s also NFC packed into the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It’s a great feature that makes sharing files with friends as simple as a tap. NFC also looks set to be an essential feature over the foreseeable future as more smartphone users transact money payments over their smartphone devices.

A lower costing S3 Mini

Although there’s some great features within the S3 Mini, many of the high end specs have been scaled down. The 8 megapixel camera, becomes 5 though thankfully the S3 Mini can still shoot HD video (720p instead of 1080p). Now running a 1GHz dual core processor, the S3 Mini lacks the quad core processing might of the Galaxy S3, but will still respond effectively to multitasking.

Rather than being a carbon copy of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the S3 Mini looks set to be available at a much cheaper price point. This could be great news for those looking for a reliable budget smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini release date

Though no official date has been announced of the Samsung’s latest mini smartphone, we expect it to be available in the UK during November. If you want to be one of the first to own the latest Samsung device, pre-order your S3 Mini from Mobiles.co.uk.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specs

Display – 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen
Dimensions – 121.6 x 63 x 9.9
Weight – 111.5 grams
Operating System – Android Jelly Bean OS
Processor – 1GHz Dual Core
Camera – 5 megapixel (720p video)
Secondary Camera – Yes (VGA)
Other Features – NFC, DLNA, microSD card slot
Connectivity– 3G, Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features

£19.99 for a pair of Angle & Curve classic headphones from Headphone Gold – a high-end bit of audio kit that combines retro styling with modern features

All through history respectable ladies and gents have had to be seen in the right headwear. We’re talking everything from top hats to bowler hats for the gents and wimples (our new favourite word) to bonnets for the ladies. But now the year is 2012 the headwear that will command the most respect has a pretty ostentatious chrome finish…

Oh yes, for today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with those hip cats at Headphone Gold, to bring you a pair of Angle & Curve classic headphones. This sleek bit of audio kit combines retro styling with impressive modern features, including 40mm drivers. Plus, these tune-tastic bad-boys will set you back just £19.99, which should be enough to make you ‘wimple’ with delight!

product specifications…
- Retro styling combined with modern features
- Eye-catching chrome finish
- 40mm drivers for brilliant sound
- Adjustable headband
- Swivel earpads for one ear monitoring
- 2.5mm jack adapter included
- Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20.000Hz
- Sensitivity: 97+/- 3dB
- Impedance: 32Ohm
- Connector: 3.5mm gold-plated jack
- The precise bass, clear middle frequencies and crisp trebles make them perfect for all types of music

Windows Phone 8 Features

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 features

Expecting to debut in the autumn, Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 features are just around the corner. Handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 900 demonstrated the ease of use, and refreshing look of the Windows Phone Operating System; currently WP 7.5. The Windows Phone 8 release heralds the launch of Microsoft’s most significant mobile operating system ever. Can WP8 features compete with the likes of iOS 6 features and Android Jelly Bean? What’s new with Windows Phone?


NFC Wallet

Perhaps the most exciting Windows Phone 8 feature is its ability to transact mobile payments. Microsoft promise that not only will their service be safer than Google Wallet, but Windows Phone 8 will be able to pull in information from 3rd party apps.


In App-Purchases

Current software versions of Windows Phone don’t allow the smartphone user to make a purchase within an app. With the latest Windows Phone 8 features, app developers will be able to make their Windows Phone Marketplace apps transact with the user.

Such features may encourage more app developers to promote their applications on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Currently there are over 100,000 available apps to choose from; a small amount compared to the likes of the App Store or Google Play. If the returns are more favourable for developers, then we’re sure to see a greater quantity and quality of applications to appear on the Marketplace, thanks to Windows Phone 8 features.


Greater Customisation

Windows Phone Mango uses a fantastic tile themed system to lay out your essential apps. Moving forward onto Windows Phone 8, Microsoft have now granted you permission to resize tiles as well as give you greater control in the design of the lock screen.


microSD card support

It may sound basic, but Windows Phone 8 smartphones will finally be able to accept SD cards. This will enhance the available memory on these phones dramatically to give you even more space for your favourite music tracks and video clips.


Keep text messages

As you progress from one smartphone to the next, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your favourite text message moments? Using the Microsoft SkyDrive this Windows Phone 8 feature will let you choose which magic messages you wish to savour. Considering more people use texting as their main communication tool over phone calls, there could be some essential information in those characters you wish to keep.


Windows 8 Handsets

Nokia look set to keep on board the Windows Phone train with a new smartphone codenamed the Nokia Phi. Expected to have a similar design to the Nokia Lumia 900, the Phi is highly rumoured to have a dual-core Qualcomm chip, NFC technology and 4G connectivity.

In the recent Apple vs Samsung court case, two Samsung Windows Phone 8 handsets were brought into discussion. Codenamed Odyssey and Marco, the releases are likely to spawn into action towards the end of 2012. The Odyssey promises to have a 4.65 inch display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 8 megapixel camera. The Samsung Marco on the other hand, will be a 4 inch display with basic dual core processor and 5 megapixel camera.

Overall, Windows Phone 8 looks set to offer some fantastic features. Will it compete with the hype of Android Jelly Bean features? Let’s wait until the handsets are released to answer that question!

Windows Phone 8 Features

Android Jelly Bean features – What’s new on Android 4.1

The logo for Android 4.1 - Android Jelly Bean Features

Advanced Android users already know that the Android Operating System offers a lot of great features, giving smartphones and tablets powered by Android more options and greater flexibility. The newest version of Android, called Jelly Bean, is rich with new features that could solidify Android smartphones as the most advanced of all smartphones and related devices. Even if you have been using Android phones for years, there are a ton of new features that you can get excited about, and the following are just some of the notable developments that you want to learn about.



Android has always been well liked by users when it comes to notifications, but with the new Jelly Bean OS, Android has taken notifications to a completely different level for further flexibility and ease of use. With a redesigned notification shade and better organization, notifications are easier to act on…or not. You can act on notifications (or dismiss them) directly from the notification shade.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now the standard on the Nexus 7, and it is better integrated with this new incarnation of the Android OS. “Project Butter” is responsible for Chrome’s better performance on all Android Jelly Bean devices; it is more fluid and will perform better with the web content users access with it. It features easy tab browsing, where a quick drag of the thumb lets you change tables. Advanced users will also enjoy customizing their browsing experience more, as the settings are not more consistent with the others you expect to see on an Android smartphone or tablet. For users who prefer the standard Android Browser, there is nothing to get worried about; it has been upgraded and optimized for Jelly Bean too.


Google Beam

If you into sharing, as most people are now, you will like the Android Jelly Bean Beam feature. Sharing is quick and easy, letting users share videos and pictures simply. In addition, Android Beam is helpful for advanced users who use peripherals with Bluetooth Simple Secure Pairing to get the most out of their experience with their smartphone or tablet; they simply need to tap the Android device and the other gadget together to pair them.


Offline Voice Typing

As more and more smartphone users are going hands-free, voice typing and other voice-powered accessories have become more and more popular. Usually, these voice services rely on a data connection, as the words that users speak are routed through a server and quickly transcribed back on the device. With Jelly Bean, voice typing is now something that is no longer reliant of voice typing. While a small innovation, this feature will impact what other smartphone makers and operating system developers do in the future.


Google Maps

Google Maps is, nothing new to Android smartphones, but the new developments that have come with Android Jelly Bean features are. Now, users are able to save Google maps accessed when there is a data connection for use when offline or when a data connection fails; this is particularly helpful for those who chose to use this feature as a main means of navigation. The app has further been optimized with a more accurate Compass Mode both for indoor and for street view. Zagat reviews and Google Offers are now integrated with the app. However, many will be most excited about the new walking directions for indoor locations.

Google Now - Android Jelly Bean features

Google Now

Google now is not a personal assistant in the way that iOS’ Siri is, but it is a wealth of helpful information that will assist all users throughout their day. The device will show users “cards” as they move about with their devices, something particular handy for advanced users, power users, and those who are constantly moving about. In the morning, a “Weather card” will be displayed by Google Now to show current weather conditions. “Flight Cards” will show you flight information and traffic data for your trip to the airport if you had been searching for flights. A “Translation card” will help you translate words into a different language quickly when traveling in different countries. These are just some of the cards that Google Now generates, mainly working off of information gathered from your most recent searches.


Android Jelly Bean – The verdict

These are just a sampling of the new features that users will enjoy with the new Jelly Bean update. Advanced users who have been Android enthusiasts for some time will find that these and other new features and upgrades will make their experience with their smartphone or tablet easier, quicker, and more productive. Android Jelly Bean’s new security features, optimizations, and other new strides such as the new Google “Knowledge Graph” will make the user experience better and richer. It seems that all of the hard work, innovation, and smart design that went into Android Jelly Bean will only serve to endear it even further to fans and to win over even more new Android enthusiasts.

This article is written by Sara Carter who likes social networks, Google Android, cyberdefender and psychology.

Android Jelly Bean features – What’s new on Android 4.1

Winamp for Android – Features and free music

Winamp for Android

Listening to music has now become an integral part of any smartphone. It saves the trouble of having to carry two devices instead of one so its no wonder there are so many various music apps for Android. Generally the default players that are provided on the phone are not that bad but if you are an avid music fan, you are going to be looking for that something extra to get the most out your music. Winamp has been around for years. It started out as a computer software but has made a great transition over to the Android operating system.


Winamp for Android – Basic Features

The app interface is very simple to use. Like most other music apps for Android, you get your music broken down by artist, album, song and genre. If you choose album or artist, then the list is broken down further before, eventually you are presented with a song list from which you can choose an individual song, play an entire album or add songs to a playlist.

The key feature of Winamp for Android is through its fully purchased version. The equaliser on this software is incredible and adaptable to just about every type of music. You don’t have to be a DJ to use it! Depending on the type of music you’re listening to, you can enhance your listening experience by altering the equaliser. You can just select your genre or the closest thing to it and you can immediately hear the difference. If you are feeling really brave you can manually alter the settings too. If you’ve already downloaded and love Winamp for Android, why not check out our best apps for music lovers?


Download free music onto your smartphone

‘Free Music’ is a new option that has been recently introduced into the Winamp Android app. ‘Free Music’ allows you to stream or download music straight to your Android phone. The ‘Now Playing’ display is also more streamlined with new onscreen options including an info button on the artist playing now offering links to related online news stories, as well as shuffle and repeat icons. A quick swipe left or right of the album artwork will change tracks while hit play or pause and a window will pop up with extra track info.

The list of premium add-ons that can be downloaded from the in-app store includes a home screen customisation add-on, the ability to browse by folders, a ten band graphic equalizer and an adjustable cross-fade between tracks which mean you don’t get that awkward silence between tracks anymore.

Another new tool recently added is called Album Washer that fetches correct track tags and high quality album art which is pretty cool if you want your collection in crisp condition.

Winamp Washer - Winamp for Android

The new update also brings a transition to storing on a microSD card; perfect for users who want to save some space on the internal storage of the Android smartphone. Developers have also added search for SHOUTcast radio and the notifications have been optimised.

So as you can see, Winamp continues to expand in terms of functionality and its neat widget can be placed on your homescreen so you don’t even need to open the app. At just £3.20, the pro version is well worth a purchase.

Unsure about paying? Try the Winamp for Android free version from Google Play.

Want WinAmp for Android on a new smartphone? Check out our range of best Android smartphone deals.


Winamp for Android – Features and free music

Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 – The Features!

Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5

Since the unveiling of iOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, we’re eager to get our hands on the latest iOS 6 features. Passbook which is set to offer all your coupons, tickets and more within a simple app, is set to be one of the key features that push the Apple iPhone 5 to new levels of interactivity.

As one of the many iOS 6 features coming soon, Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 aims to deliver a one stop destination for all those bits of paper you keep inside your wallet or back pocket. No more rumagging and shuffling for your vouchers like a deck of cards as Passbook on iOS 6 keeps it all organised and at hand.

The App Store recently celebrated its 25 billionth download in March, and there are many great apps already available that feed you with vouchers and electronic passes. There are flight apps that keep your boarding cards conveniently at hand, whilst supermarket and store apps are available to make sure you always have your loyalty card available when at the checkout. There are even cinema apps which can hold your prepaid cinema tickets. With so many custom apps to shuffle through, Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 will contain your essential vouchers and passes within one app.


iOS 6 Passbook features

iOS 6 Passbook users will be prompted at moments when a coupon could potentially be used. With time and location settings enabled, your passes and tickets can appear on the lock screen when you could potentially use them; your boarding pass at the airport or film tickets at the cinema. Passbook for iOS 6 can even push a gentle reminder as you browse past the store.

Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 can update automatically too. If the gate for your flight changes after you’ve already checked in, your iPhone 5 will alert you to make sure you depart smoothly.

When your coupons finally expire or are no longer needed, you can delete them and a quirky papershredding animation will wave your coupon goodbye. It’s a nice touch that keeps the iOS 6 user in control of their Apple iPhone 5 Passbook vouchers.

iOS 6 Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5

Make Payments with your iPhone?

Is Apple ready to act as the digital wallet for iOS 6 users? Apple are already a huge player for online payments. With over 400 million transactions through iTunes and the App Store, Apple are likely to take the iOS 6 Passbook feature as a stepping board into phone payments. It’s widely rumoured that the new iPhone 5 will have built in NFC technology which lets you wave your phone against a scanner to make a payment.

Google already have their Android based Google Wallet system available to their users. Smartphone owners of handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, can load up the Google Wallet app to pay for items in shops across America.

The success of Passbook will ultimately depend on whether third party developers use the iOS 6 feature to promote their own exclusive offers. Today’s online shopper is savier than ever, with coupon sites such as Groupon proving a hit for those seeking a bargain. To have your coupons, electronic vouchers and tickets in one easy to access place is a clear win for the consumer. The fact Passbook can provide time and location based reminders is sure to bring in a thumbs up from the businesses and a madrush to get their special offers onto iOS 6 ready for the Apple iPhone 5  release.  Passbook looks set to become one of the best Apple iPhone 5 apps that will change everything, again!

What do you think of the Passbook feature for iOS 6? Will you use Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 – The Features!

£49.99 for a Vax 2000W power midi cylinder vacuum cleaner from Giddyaunt – which features bagless suction and a 1.5 litre dust capacity

Here at kgbdeals we always work very hard to ensure our deals don’t suck. However, this is a rare exception. Not only does the star of today’s offer completely and utterly suck, it does so while boasting bag-free design and weighing in at just 4.9kg.

That’s right, for today’s kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with the good people at Gidduant, to bring you a Vax 2000W power midi cylinder vacuum cleaner. This powerful bit of cleaning kit boasts a 1.5 litre dust capacity to keep emptying to a minimum and will set you back just £49.99. Oh yes ladies and gentleman this is a great value kgbdeal that well and truly sucks!

product specifications…
- 2000 watt motor and 240 air watts
- Washable HEPA filter to tackle allergens in your home
- 1.5 litre dust capacity
- Five metre power cable
- Weighs 4.9kg