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Having fun on the Galaxy S4 mini features

Samsung recently pulled back the curtains on the Galaxy S4 Mini, jumping the gun slightly and deciding to debut it earlier than its original launch date. The S4 Mini features many of the same high-end capabilities as its costlier rivals,

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£89 for a semi permanent makeup treatment from Mae Brow and Beauty, worth up to £250 – save up to 64% and save time on accentuating your best features

We are always amazed when we see women applying their liners in moving vehicles. With the grace of a dancer and the steady hand of a master painter, they spread a line of makeup over an eye, around the edge

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LG Nexus 4 with Android 4.2 features

The LG Nexus 4 was announced on October 29, created to come and update Google’s famous Nexus line. The previous Nexus phone, which was made by Samsung, wasn’t the coolest device on the market in terms of hardware, though it

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features

After widespread gossip and rumour, an official press release unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Announced in Berlin last night, the S3 Mini takes a leaf from from their best-selling 2012 device to launch a smartphone packed with great features.

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£19.99 for a pair of Angle & Curve classic headphones from Headphone Gold – a high-end bit of audio kit that combines retro styling with modern features

All through history respectable ladies and gents have had to be seen in the right headwear. We’re talking everything from top hats to bowler hats for the gents and wimples (our new favourite word) to bonnets for the ladies. But

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Windows Phone 8 Features

Expecting to debut in the autumn, Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 features are just around the corner. Handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 900 demonstrated the ease of use, and refreshing look of the Windows Phone Operating System; currently WP

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Android Jelly Bean features – What’s new on Android 4.1

Advanced Android users already know that the Android Operating System offers a lot of great features, giving smartphones and tablets powered by Android more options and greater flexibility. The newest version of Android, called Jelly Bean, is rich with new

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Winamp for Android – Features and free music

Listening to music has now become an integral part of any smartphone. It saves the trouble of having to carry two devices instead of one so its no wonder there are so many various music apps for Android. Generally the

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Passbook for the Apple iPhone 5 – The Features!

Since the unveiling of iOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, we’re eager to get our hands on the latest iOS 6 features. Passbook which is set to offer all your coupons, tickets and more within a

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£49.99 for a Vax 2000W power midi cylinder vacuum cleaner from Giddyaunt – which features bagless suction and a 1.5 litre dust capacity

Here at kgbdeals we always work very hard to ensure our deals don’t suck. However, this is a rare exception. Not only does the star of today’s offer completely and utterly suck, it does so while boasting bag-free design and

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