Bar Globe Drinks Cabinet from £49

One cannot be expected to drink and discuss important, worldly things whilst standing next to the television, can one? Of course not — so step away from the telly and stand proudly next to a bar globe. We have a variety of these ornamental drinks cabinets on offer, with prices starting from £49. If you’re short on space, opt for the compact yet charismatic barentz globe bar for £49 (a £119 value), perfect for tables; or the free-standing magellaan for 54 (a £129 value). If you’re after something with an artistic flourish, choose the vespucci globe bar in brown or white for £69 (a £149 value), which features a bottle rack beneath the globe, suspended above an ornamental plate base. For those looking for something on a grander scale, grab a tasman globe bar for £99 (a £199 value), which features a small table top to rest your glass as you discuss the world and everything in it, like literature, politics, and, er, television.

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