£29 for a one hour full body bamboo massage

In the course of our daily lives, tensions can really snowball. It begins with a game of hide and seek between you and your keys in the morning, gathers momentum as office rivalries mount, before culminating in a "who drank all the tea?!" meltdown when you get home. It”s for these reasons that we”ve rustled up an ever-so-enticing relaxing treat…

For just £39, pick up a deeply soothing luxury relaxation package at Beauty Bubble. This soothing session includes 5 treatments: back cleanse, back exfoliation, back massage, facial and head massage. You”ll leave feeling relaxed asnd invorgated for the new season

We hear it said all the time, on the streets, in restaurants and bars across the globe, in coffee shops and department stores all over the world, from the local corner store to the Houses of Parliament. We”ve heard that every 3 seconds somewhere in the world a woman proclaims – "Oooooh, you look amazing! You”re practically glowing!" – and the answer is always – "Thanks, I got a great massage deal!"

Sign up to a session of pure relaxation from Beauty bubble for just £29. No fly-in-fly-out job, in this beautiful salon you”ll receive only the best treatment for your body with a one-hour, full-body bamboo massage! Oh my! You”re practically glowing!

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