Indulge with a half-head of highlights, a deep treatment, cut and blow-dry at Alex Hair and Beauty – just £24!

Famously, Alexander the Great knelt by the edge of his enormous empire and cried because there were no more worlds to conquer, or possibly because his barber had totally butchered his haircut. Either way, we’re sympathetic, which is why we called up his modern-day namesake for a bit of a delightful ‘do deal.

In the form of a half-head of highlights, a deep treatment, and a cut and a blow-dry, from Alex Hair and Beauty, costing you just £24 with today’s kgbdeal. Now that’s what we call great.

about Alex Hair and Beauty at Smithy’s United Art of Hair
At Alex Hair And Beauty, they’re focused on providing their customers with the highest level of satisfaction – they will do everything they can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, you’re sure to be happy with their services.

Treat yourself to a full head of colour or a half-head of highlights, plus a wash, cut, blow-dry and hair treatment for just £25 with At Hair & Beauty – save up to 77%!

Feel sorry for Medusa. Not only was her hair a mass of writhing poisonous snakes – but living as she did in Ancient Greece, there weren’t even any decent salons around to give her a stylish new hairdo.

Grab yourself a truly legendary haircut, kgbdeals fans – pick up either a full head of colour or a half-head of highlights from At Hair & Beauty, as well as a wash, cut, blow-dry and a hair treatment – all of which will cost you just £25, up to 77% off the usual price! Ssssspectacular.

about At Hair & Beauty
Located in Chorlton, just a short distance from central Manchester, this stylish salon offers luxurious haircuts and treatments to its clientele.

Walk the straight and narrow for £59 and grab yourself a yuko anti frizz hair straightening treatment from Turquoise Hairdressing and Beauty – save up to 76% on this effective hair treatment all the way from Japan

When it comes to the latest fashion and trends, Japanese girls always seem to be one step ahead. But with today’s kgbdeal, we did our style-guide research in advance, in order to bring you the latest hair treatment hitting the trend-setting Asian-streets…

For just £59, you can treat your locks to a yuko hair straightening treatment at Turquoise Hairdressing and Beauty. Save up to 76% on the original price of £250 for this effective treatment all the way from Japan, and leave your hair straight and frizz-free.

about Turquoise Hairdressing & Beauty
Established by Serpil Goldner in 2003, this Little Black Book essential has become the go-to for those who love to look their best. The team specialise in precision cutting, blow drying and colour, offering a friendly and professional service.

Get a piercing new look with a set of semi-permanent lashes and a brow tidy from Bliss Hair, Beauty & Barbers – just £19!

From knowing glances to flirty eye contact, you can say a lot with your eyes without having to utter a word – so keeping them looking as good as possible is important. If your peepers could do with a bit of TLC, take a look at this kgbdeal.

We’ve got a veritable feast for the eyes courtesy of the experts at Bliss Hair, Beauty & Barbers. For just £19 you can get a full set of semi-permanent lashes to give yourself the look you’ve been craving. We’ve also thrown in a brow tidy to complete your piercing new gaze,now it’s up to you to show it off!

about Bliss Hair, Beauty and Barbers
Bliss Hair, Beauty and Barbers is a large, established salon based in Ecclesfield, offering all clients a full range of ladies’ hairdressing, gents’ barbering , nail and beauty services. This friendly salon builds long lasting relationships with every one of its clients, new and existing by making them feel comfortable and welcome.

Treat yourself to a full head of colour or T-bar highlights, plus a cut and blowdry with conditioning and scalp treatment from Amna @ Amy’s Hair, Beauty and Nails for just £23 – save up to 77%!

Everyone’s blabbering on about New Year and turning over a new leaf. “Ooh, I’m going to stop eating anything that isn’t acorns.” “Oh, from now on I’m going to run eighteen miles every day.” Well, how about we make it our New Year’s resolution just to get a really awesome new haircut?

We were thinking something along the lines of a full head of colour or T-bar highlights, plus a luxuriant cut and blow-dry with conditioning and a scalp treatment from Amna @ Amy’s Hair, Beauty and Nails. An absolute steal with today’s kgbdeal – yours for just £23, up to 77% off the usual price. Leaving you with more spare cash to spend on chocolate. (Eat it in front of those healthy-lifestyle types and watch them squirm…)

about Amy’s Hair, Beauty and Nails
Working with an ethos that the relationship between customer and hairdresser is an important one, Amy’s Hair has a fabulous reputation for providing tailored treatments and listening carefully to its customers needs. You can be sure of a friendly professional service in a chilled out, stylish environment.

Treat yourself to six hours of celeb treatment including a makeover, photoshoot, hand massage, facial, manicure, hair styling, drinks, and an image on CD to take away with you, for just £9 at The Face London!

Do you flip through magazines at your desk only to stare longingly at the stylish and gorgeous images of stunning models and celebs? Whether you’re eager to steal away from the office for a day of pure indulgence or you fancy living out a secret guilty pleasure or a celebrity experience, today’s kgbdeal ought to appeal! Instead of going about your daily routine, enjoy a day of pampering and A-list treatment!

For only £9, you can bag yourself a six-hour makeover and photoshoot at The Face London in Chelsea. Before your photoshoot begins you’ll receive a relaxing aromatherapy hand massage, a mini manicure and a cleansing facial while your hair will be styled and your makeup professionally done by a top makeup artist! You’ll be offered a complimentary drink while you’re getting ready for your high-fashion, magazine-style shoot! And finally, when you can pout, pose and smile no more, you will get a chance to look through the images and take away a memento of your indulgent day on a CD.

about The Face London
The Face London is a chic studio based in Chelsea that offers a selection of beauty treatments and professional photoshoots. Offering celeb-treatment to individuals and families alike, the expert team at The Face have years of experience behind them and do their utmost to guarantee you enjoy your day!

Add another string to your beautifying bow for just £29 and pick up a three-hour hair styling masterclass at Gloss Academy, worth £200 – save 86%!

No one can deny that hair either makes us or breaks us. One of the challenges is that there are so many definitely-make-us styles that happen to be very difficult to achieve. Even with a collection of brushes, several cans of hairspray, a set of irons, and a YouTube clip. 

For just £29 you can enjoy a three-hour hairstyling masterclass at Gloss Academy, teaching you everything you need to know in order to style a fish braid, chignon, French braid up-do, French twist, braided bun and the perfect quiff. This fabulous course is specially designed to help you master your own hair and you’ll save 86%!

about Gloss Academy
Gloss Academy is a company offering courses on professional bridal makeup and hair, beginners makeup, hair styling and henna. It is the perfect place to learn how to perfect your makeup and learn tips from professionals.

Make your big day all the more special with a bridal make-up and hair package (including a trial run) from Dorothea Siwik, Makeup Artist for just £49, 80% off!

Sadly, there is currently no law in the UK that bans wedding guests from looking as good as the bride. (Although if we get enough people to sign our petition, it will) All that means is that you have to be just a little bit crafty to ensure you look absolutely magnificent, utterly radiant, and astoundingly pretty.

We’re talking professional cosmetics – the real deal. Which is why we’ve picked you up a bridal package from Dorothea Siwik, including hair and make-up, for just £49, including a trial run just so you get a look that really works for you. That comes to 80% off with this kgbdeal!

about Dorothea Siwik, Makeup Artist
Dorothea Siwik is a fully qualified make-up artist. She has worked on various productions such as music videos and short films as well as the BBC TV series M.I.High. You will find her in Studio De Beaute.