Teach yourself the art of the eyelash with a one-day individual lash-application course from Fusion Hair and Beauty Training School for just £79 – save 64%!

Working in the beauty industry is just possibly the greatest job in the world. Everywhere you go, you get to make other people feel just that extra bit more comfortable in their own skin, just that tad more happy and confident.

So if you’d like to start practising your own pampering powers (whether you’d like to open your own salon one day or you’d rather just do your own makeover in the mornings), we can think of no better place to start than Fusion Hair and Beauty Training School’s individual lash application course, taking place over six hours. The price? Just £79, 64% off.

what’s included…
- Understanding the benefits to eyelash extensions
- Understand contra-indications and contra actions
- Consult with the client
- Patch testing
- Prepare and plan for the treatment
- Explanation of products
- Application, removal and maintenance of eyelash extensions
- Troubleshooting
- Aftercare advice
- Health and safety law
- Data protection act

- Hygiene and sterilisation methods

about Fusion Hair and Beauty Training School
Fusion is an accredited training provider offering courses in the UK. They pride themselves on being a company dedicated to training professionals on excellent short intensive fast track beauty and hair courses!

Treat yourself to a 60-minute facial treatment, plus either a file and polish or a brow wax and tint, at Glamorous Hair and Beauty for just £15 – save up to 71%!

Everyone has their own way of dealing with woeful winter weather. Some folk like to lock the door and settle down with a hot mug of cocoa and a roaring fire. Some folk like to squeeze into their thickest coat and step out into the fog and frost for a bit of a walk.

But us? We’d tramp into our favourite beauty salon and enjoy a bit of top-class pampering to take our minds off the temperature. Which is why we’ve picked you up this package with Glamorous Hair and Beauty, entitling you to a 60-minute facial treatment, plus your choice of a file and polish or a brow wax and tint, for just £15 – that’s up to 71% off!

about Glamorous Hair & Beauty 
A newly opened and already popular salon in the heart of Glasgow, Glamorous Hair & Beauty offers a wide range of hair and beauty treatments. Offering exceptional customer care, the friendly and professional team of beauticians and stylists aim to leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

Glam up with a wash, cut, blow dry and treatment from Christina Hair and Beauty for £15 – keep looking fresh!

When you’re feeling a bit a dry and brittle around the ends – the hair-ends – it can often cross over into the rest of your life. The symptoms are as follows: mild displeasure to borderline outright irritation with just about anything and anyone, including yourself. If you recognise these symptoms please see…

Christina Hair and Beauty for a wash, cut and blow dry for just £15. They’ll even treat you, with a treatment. Ensuring that you leave their salon feeling fresh, revived and truly glamorous. 

about Christina Hair and Beauty…
Established in 1972, this Beauty parlour specialises in the finest hair and beauty treatments. Pop in for great service and excellent results!

Hairway to heaven this winter: £29 for a full head of highlights with a cut, blow-dry and treatment at Oceanic Hair, worth up to £100 – save up to 71% and treat yourself to stylish new ‘do

Highlights is just such a wonderful word. It alludes height, it alludes light. It encapsulates what’s beautiful about anything: a mountaintop scenery with the sun in the horizon, for example. Or a fantastically glamorous full head of carefully created highlights for a sun-kissed look on the best hair ever: yours.

For just £29, treat your locks to some extra shine with a full head of highlights and a cut, treatment and blow dry at Oceanic Hair and Beauty, worth up to £100. Save up to 71% and take the fast train to bombshell status!

about Oceanic Hair and Beauty
Oceanic Hair creates styles for both women and men, offering an extensive range of services from a team of highly experienced stylists. The team at Oceanic Hair provide a relaxed and friendly environment and will do everything they can to ensure clients leave looking their absolute best!

Treat yourself to a full head of highlights, plus a cut, blow-dry, and a Moroccan oil deep conditioning treatment at LA Hair for just £29 – look fab this winter!

We always dreamt that some day we’d end up on the streets of LA. Strutting our stuff through Hollywood as the world’s most famous actor/musician/rapper/director/Vogue’s Sexiest Person In The Universe Ten Years Running (hey, it could happen). Looking dazzling in designer clothing – with hair so cool it could cause the next Ice Age.

Treat yourself to the next best thing, kgbdeals fans – pick up a stunning full head of highlights at LA Hair, as well as a cut, blow-dry and Moroccan oil deep conditioning treatment. Your for just £29.

about LA Hair & Beauty Salon
LA Hair & Beauty offers a great selection of hair and beauty services. With treatments ranging from bridal make-up through to self tanning, there really is a beauty service to suit your individual needs here!

Beautify your eyes with a full set of eyelash extensions and a brow shape at Blade Runners Hair and Beauty Salon for £25!

You’re off to that Christmas party you’ve been looking forward to all year. There’s a special someone you’re hoping to make eye contact with. Hoping to make an impression on. With a flutter as opposed to a stutter. Well, we have the just the thing…

Treat yourself to a beautiful eyes package at Blade Runners Hair and Beauty Salon for only £25. Emphasise the most intriguing and alluring aspect of your physical self with an eyebrow shape and full set of lash extensions. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a look that everyone will want to feast their eyes on!

about Blade Runners Hair and Beauty
At Blade Runners Hair and Beauty they have a team of highly qualified professional stylists and therapists who seek to bring a friendly and personalized service to all their clients. Offering a great range of hair and beauty treatments, this fantastic salon is a one-stop shop for looking good.

Indulge with a full head of colour or a half head of highlights, plus a wash, cut, blow-dry and treatment at LH Hair and Beauty, for just £19 – save up to 79%!

The worst haircuts of your life might as well be displayed on their very own Wall of Shame. The Frightful Frizz of ’09. The Terribly Tangled, Torn, Tear-Inducing Tresses of March 2013. The Haircut So Bad It Resulted In Your Spending Three Weeks Indoors With The Curtains Drawn, Watching Downton While Wearing A Hat.

Overcome the past traumas of dreadful ‘dos, kgbdeals fans – pick up an absurdly awesome hair package from LH Hair and Beauty, including your choice of a full head of colour or half head of highlights, as well as a wash, cut, blow-dry and treatment. All of which will cost you just £19, up to 79% off!

about LH Hair and Beauty
Based in the centre of Southport, this stylish salon offers an array of services to make sure you look and feel beautiful from tip to toe. From massages and nail treatments to facials the friendly team will ensure that you get your desired results.