£9 for a super slim smart cover case for your iPad 2 and 3, available in ten different colours from Must Have This (merchant’s normal selling price is £30) – save up to 70%

You know that nightmare where you suddenly realise you’re out in public with no clothes on? Yep – well, your iPad goes through that same feeling every single day, except for real. So, just as you’d never dream of stepping out of the house without a well-fastened coat in windy weather, why not grant your trusty iPad the same level of dignity with today’s stylishly-smart kgbdeal?

For just £9, you can keep your iPad safe and fashionably adorned in a super slim smart cover. Available in ten different colours, this practical accessory is an absolute must-have for your travels this summer. Save up to 70% and rest assured that your iPad is protected wherever you go.

about Must Have This
Must Have This is a great place to shop for all manner of gadgets and goodies, all of which have been specially selected to complement a modern lifestyle. Their fantastic range of items includes everything from jewellery to electricals, and their website is proving a popular destination for online shoppers looking for gifts for friends, family and themselves!

FUN & GAMES SALE! 50 EA games on the App Store – up to 85% off! iOS iPad & iPhone

EA have a big app sale on the App Store

FIFA 12 for iPad £5.99 to £1.99
Dead Space for iPad £5.99 to £1.49
FIFA 12 iPhone now £1.49
Dead Space iPhone now £0.69
Mass Effect iOS now £1.99
Burnout Crash iOS now £1.49

Plus many more, search EA on the AppStore

The best one is Scrabble, always been £5 and in the top charts all the time, now £1.49

FUN & GAMES SALE! 50 EA games on the App Store – up to 85% off! iOS iPad & iPhone

£7.50 for a three-metre extra-long USB cable for your iPhone and iPad from Bluebud (merchant’s normal selling price is £24.99) – save up to 70% on the perfect antidote to charger-related frustration!

Back in medieval times the word ‘charger’ referred to a horse trained for battle, which were commonly the property of knights. These days things have changed. A charger is now an invaluable bit of wire that turns a useless little box into a fully-functioning gadget. But just as knights wouldn’t want tiny little chargers, neither do we – so we’ve put together today’s kgbdeal…

For today’s offer we’ve teamed up with those tech-heads at Bluebud to bring you a three-metre extra-long USB cable for your iPhone and iPad for just £7.50. If you’re fed up with the tiny cable that came with your product then this is the perfect solution – plus it comes with a discount of up to 70%. It may not help you to win any jousting contests, but this charger doesn’t require oats and sugar lumps either.

about Bluebud
Providing all manner of gaming essentials for your gaming and gadget-related wellbeing, this online retailer should be your first port of call. Accessories for iPad, XBox, Playstation and more are all easily accessible at the right price and come with the high level of service you’d expect.

£14 for a personalised iPad cover from Bluebud (merchant’s normal selling price is £39.99) – save up to 65% on a protective and eye-catching back cover featuring a photo of your choice

If only everything could be tailored to our individual tastes; haute couture dresses and Savile Row suits may wow the fashion world, but buying one may just require you to get a second mortgage or sell a kidney. Fortunately we’ve put together this impressive kgbdeal, bringing you a bespoke iPad case to add a personal touch to everyone’s favourite gizmo!

We’ve teamed up with the tech-savvy folk at Bluebud to bring you a personalised iPad cover for just £14. As well as providing a great way to protect your tablet, this eye-catching cover can be customised with any image or photo of your choice. All you need to do is upload your picture, wait for your case to arrive and enjoy a saving of up to 65%.

about Bluebud
Bluebud are the masters of all things mobile and gaming-related. Their impressive range includes everything from tablets to touch-screen gloves, making them a one-stop shop for gadget fans. Why not browse their impressive selection today to see what tickles your techie fancy?

£14.99 for a rotating PU leather case for your iPad from Time2 (merchant’s normal selling price is £33) – save up to 55% on a stylish and functional stand and case for your precious iPad

When we were younger it was easy to find pleasure in the most simplest of things: spinning around with our arms out until we couldn’t possibly stand any more, swinging to the highest of heights on the swing set, and dressing up in our parent’s clothes, just wishing for the day we’d be adults… those were the days. And now we’re all grown up the days pass so quickly we forget to enjoy all the little things that used to make us smile. So here at kgbdeals we’ve made it our mission to bring you a product that will do just that, and guess what? It spins around too!

For today’s kgbdeal we’ve joined forces with Time2 to bring you a rotating PU leather case for your iPad for just £14.99. This fabulously functional case offers protection as well as a handy stand for your much-loved iPad. Complete with a revolving interior, it allows for flexible, adjustable viewing to provide optimum comfort and viewing pleasure for your movies, slideshows and games. Ensure your iPad stays safe, sound and stylish with today’s kgbdeal, and save up to 55% – that’s a good old-fashioned bargain that’s sure to make you smile!

about Time2
The Time2 team aim to bring you the best possible deals on a range of technology and accessories. As a web-only distributor, they’re able to offer an impressive selection of fantastic products at the lowest possible price. They deliver value for money, a speedy service and responsive customer service. So why not pay their website a visit today, to shop for everything from android tablets to internet dongles?

£29 for a 5-in-1 Super-Pro USB connection kit for iPhone, iPad and iPod Data Transfer, complete with accessories from Gizmo Biz (merchant’s normal selling price is £83) – save up to 65% on this tech-savvy device!

Making meaningful connections in the big bad world can require effort, charm and kindness. But with today’s kgbdeal, the only requirement is savvy deal spotting! Yes, that’s right, because today is all about letting you connect with your much-loved gadgets, by turning them into multifunctional devices…

For just £29, you can get your hands on a 5-in-1 Super-Pro connection kit, complete with useful accessories from Gizmo Biz. This kingly bit of kit allows you to connect to TV, SD Cards, Micro SD Cards, computers and keyboards, all through one nifty compact device – and all at a discount of up to 65%!

about Gizmo Biz
Gizmo-Biz is an online retailer that brings together a wide range of new and innovative products to make your life easier for less. Their range includes gadgets, homewares, electricals, toys and much more. All products either come direct from the factory or are surplus stock from major brand names, which means Gizmo-Biz can pass on reduced prices to their customers, delivering quality as well as value.