£29 for a half head of highlights package – Islington

If a heavy workload has left you feeling a little under the weather and you fancy reinvigorating your demeanour and complexion in one fell swoop, then read on. Featuring a wonderful array of pampering treatments, this deal is bound to put a spring back into your step and hopefully ward off any cases of the blues!

For just £24 you can have an indulgent time at Amor Beauty Clinic with a choice of any one-hour facial, plus a 30-minute body massage and a 45-minute manicure! It”s the ideal way to celebrate the onset of good weather and to get ready for summer!

So….you”re rocking out grown roots and trying to pass it off as an Ombre. We know your game! Stop the masquerade and let your hair look beautiful with today”s deal. You”ll get your locks looking lovely in no time with a fresh dose of colour, just in time for summer.

Snag yourself a half head of beautifully applied highlights for just £29 at Amor Hair and Beauty in North London. Sit back and relax while the pros do all the work. Lighten up your roots without lightening your wallet! With a deal as good as this one there”s no excuse not to have gorgeous tresses!

£15 for a full set of cluster lash extensions – Islington

The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite’s beauty was so great that the other gods feared their rivalry over her would lead to war. These days, of course, the only beauty war is the one we wage against longer and fuller lashes on a daily basis. If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle at the moment, we’ve got your new secret weapon.

Pick up a full set of cluster lash extensions from Naina’s Beauty Box. This revitalising session will leave your lashes looking full and you feeling fantastic. Plus, it’ll cost you just £15 with today’s deal!

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