Get an authentic taste of Spain with a 4kg Jamon Serrano ham for £35 from Delizius Deluxe, including two knives, a sharpener and wooden stand – exquisite meat from some of Spain’s best pigs

If you told a meat-loving alien that bacon, sausages and pork chops all came from the same animal, one that lounges around in mud for most of the day, they’d probably look at you very strangely while they munched on a ham sandwich. Yet while we’re grateful to the pig for all its meaty goodness, it’s certainly true that not all its meat is created equal.

Take the Spanish Jamon Serrano ham, for example. This gourmet cured meat from the town of Jabugo, Southern Spain, is given its unique flavour by the region’s extremely dry summers and long, cold winters. The result is a taste and aroma that has been recognised around the world. For just £35 you can see what all the fuss is about with a 4kg Jamon Serrano ham from Delizius Deluxe. This delicious delicatessen package comes complete with two knives and sharpener for perfect slicing, along with a wooden display stand.

about Delizius Deluze
The people of Delizius Deluxe just want to bring the delights of Jabugo Iberian Ham to the world, so whatever cut or weight is desired (within reason!) can be shipped to salivating customers worldwide.

£29 for this set of three ceramic knives and peeler from Makoto worth £115 – save 75% on cutting edge technology

With Masterchef all wrapped up (congrats Shilena!) you may be inspired to head into the kitchen and start whipping up some culinary creations of your own. However, looking through your knives and finding that they’d struggle to cut through a cucumber might be a bit disheartening. Fear not, with this kgbdeal you’ll be filleting and paring in no time.

Sharpen up your kitchen skills with this set of ceramic knives and a peeler from Makoto for just £29. This set, normally costing £115, could take your cooking to new heights!

about Makoto ceramic knives
You’ll find these ceramic knives harder than almost any other cutting tools, and yet are lighter than steel and stay sharper for longer that most knives. The Ceramic blade has a smoother surface than steel, enabling it to slice through any type of food without effort. The smooth surface makes Makoto ceramic knives more hygienic. They are also corrosion free and neutral to taste making them an ideal solution in food preparation.

£19.99 for a luxury ceramic knife set from Assist World worth £59.99 – save 67% on professional quality six-inch and three-inch knives and a sleek presentation box

Just as a bunch of flowers quickly loses its bloom and a six-packed hunk eventually develops the inevitably potbelly, so too do knives lose their edge. Until now. Thanks to today’s kgbdeal your kitchen can be equipped with ceramic blades that are ultra-sharp and will stay that way…

For today’s impressively ergonomic kgbdeal we’ve teamed up with Assist World, to bring you a luxury ceramic knife set for just £19.99. The set includes professional quality six-inch and three-inch knives and a sleek presentation box. This set would usually set you back £59.99, which means we’re delivering a 67% discount on blades that will last. Now if only we could do something about potbellies…

about the knife set…
- Six-inch chef knife – 272mm in length with a Zirconium Oxide blade and an ergonomic handle, weight 103g
- Three-inch delicate knife – 175mm in length with a Zirconium Oxide blade and an ergonomic handle, weight 33g
- Smart presentation box
Find out more about the set here >

about Assist World
This great little online retailer prides itself on having the personal touch. With a great range of products to choose from including fitness equipment, DVDs and kitchen equipment and more, you’ll have no trouble finding something you like.

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