Manage your motor for less with a full MOT from Central garage – just £13!

Cars can give us grief at any time of year, but in the winter they can be especially temperamental. They don’t like the cold almost as much as us, and will often flat-out refuse to get out of bed and fired up on a frosty morning. But we still love ‘em, which is why we’ve lined up this car-fully selected kgbdeal.

Make sure your motor is in tip-top and totally legal condition with a full MOT at Central Garage. Your car needs its MOT no matter the time of year, and with this kgbdeal you’ll pay just £13! This super-savvy deal can be redeemed any time in the next year, so plan ahead and drive away with it today!

about Central Garage
This long-established family-run MOT testing station offers a range of services to both the trade and public. Their friendly and flexible approach makes them a top choice for maintenance and repairs with clients across Bristol and Bath.

Skechers @ Amazon Mens and Ladies Mega List all less than £20

Mega section of Mens and Womens Skechers shoes available at Amazon for less than £20. All are fulfilled by Amazon with free delivery (except the first item which will require and addon as it’s less than £10) Skechers Men’s Tidalwave Cap Lace Up £9.36 size 6 (add-on item required for free shipping to make over £10) £9.39 size 11(add-on item required for free shipping to make over £10) £9.49 size 7 (add-on item required for free shipping to make over £10) £10.50 size 8,9,10 Skechers Kicks Boots Womens £ 11.21 Size EU 36=UK 3 also in Bronze same price £18.21 Size EU 39= UK 6 Skechers Shape Ups Womens Resistance Runner Resistor Prevail Sneakers £12.99 Size 2 only Skechers Shape Ups Womens Resistor Runner Sneakers £12.99 Size 2.5 only Skechers Highlanders Country Climber Boots Womens £13.31 Size 38 EU=UK 5 Skechers Peek A Boo Clogs And Mules Womens £13.31 EU 39 = UK 6 £16.11 EU 40= UK 7 £16.81 EU 37=UK 4 & EU 38 = UK 5 £17.51 EU 36 = UK 3 & EU 41= UK 8 Skechers Kicks Trainers Womens (Choc) £14.71 UK 8, EU35-EU37=UK 2-4 & EU 40= UK 7 (Black) £14.71 EU 36=UK 3 (Gold) £14.71 Size 36-41 EU = UK 3-8 £16.81 Size 2 Skechers Bikers Fiesta Trainers Womens £17.51 EU 37=UK 4 Skechers Mens Piers Breakers Cove Trainers (choc) £16.11 Size EU 39=UK 5.5 £18.21 Size EU 40=UK 6.5 Skechers Bravos Snow Melt Trainers Womens £16.11 UK 2 Only Skechers Women’s Ready Set – Tone Running Shoes £16.51 UK 3 Only in White/Pink Skechers Diamondback Boren Trainers Mens (Blau) £16.81 EU 39,40,41,44,45= UK 5.5,6.5,7,9.5,10 Skechers Love Letters Half Moon Boots Womens (Braun) £16.81 EU 40=UK 7 Skechers Mens Piers Breakers Cove Trainers (Gray) £16.81 EU40=UK 6.5 Skechers Gimme Star Studded Trainers Womens (White) £18.21 EU 39-41= UK 6-8 £19.61 EU 35-38 = UK 2-5 Skechers Gimme Kisses Trainers Womens (Black) £18.21 EU 36-39= UK 3-6 £19.61 EU 40&41=UK 7&8 SketchersWomen’s Tone ups Fitness (Silver/Blue) £18.84 UK 2.5,3.5 & 4.5 Skechers Ascoli Thrive Trainers Mens (Olive) £19.61 UK 6.5 & 11 Skechers Diamondback Tevor Trainers Mens (Navy) £19.61 EU 40= UK 6.5

Skechers @ Amazon Mens and Ladies Mega List all less than £20

Enjoy your lajawab for less with a 3-month discount card at Café India for just £6 – save up to 50% on unlimited cracking curries!

Loyalty cards are the latest devious way restaurants try to make sure we keep coming back. The idea is, once you’ve bought sixty-eight burritos (remembering to get your card stamped every time) you’re entitled to a side-portion of stale Doritos. ‘Win’.

Well, we say it’s time to give you a discount card that’s genuinely impressive – a 3-month card entitling you to at least 25% off and as much as 50% off meals from the scrumptious a la carte menu at Café India. Yours for just £6. WIN.

about Café India
Set in the heart of bustling Glasgow, Café India offers a unique dining experience with a selection of dishes designed to reflect the restaurant’s innovation and creativity. Using traditional recipes combined with local produce and Indian cooking techniques, you’ll be blown away by the tasty menu and friendly staff!

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